Eric Ritz stuffed a modified 6.0L LS2 into his 1973 Datsun 240 Z. You can read all about that incredible machine here. (Image/Des Gower & Hannah Miller)

Over the course of its 20+ year production run, the venerable GM LS engine came from the factory in many different configurations. And that’s particularly evident when you see its displacement range. From a modest 4.8L to a whopping 7.0L, you could get an LS engine block in a wide assortment of flavors.

So if you’re thinking about an LS engine swap, LS engine build, or LS engine upgrade, the first place you’ll likely start looking is at the LS motor’s displacement. And that’s why we’re writing this series of tech posts. It’ll break down each of the LS engine’s most popular displacements, starting with the many varieties of the venerable 6.0L LS. (Spoiler alert: there’s way more than just one 6.0L LS engine.)

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This handy LS resource page is a good one to bookmark if you’re considering an LS crate engine for a swap, or looking for a 6.0L LS short block to use a basis for a high horsepower build.

You may also want to check out our Definitive Guide to LS Engine Specs and LS Engine Upgrades.

The 6.0L LS Engine Family

Available in everything from police cars to the Chevy Silverado, there are no shortage of six liter LS engines to choose from. Check out the table below, and if you find an LS that looks interesting, click the hyperlinks on the particular LS engine name (LQ4, LQ9, etc.) to learn more.

6.0L LS & Vortec Engine Spec Guide

YearsLiterCodeVehicleCam BoltsReluctorVVTAFMFlex FuelVIN (8th Digit)BlockHead
20066.0LS2Corvette, CTS-V358x/4xNoNoNoUAlum.Cathedral
20076.0LS2Corvette, CTS-V158x/4xNoNoNoUAlum.Cathedral
2005-066.0LS2SSR. TBSS324x/1xNoNoNoHAlum.Cathedral
2007-096.0LS2TBSS, 9-7X Aero158X/4XNoNoNoHAlum.Cathedral
2006-106.0L76Holden VZ2, VE1158X/4XNo2009+NoYAlum.Rectangle
2011-176.0L77Caprice PPV158X/4XNoYesYes2Alum.Rectangle
2011-156.0L77Holden VE2, VF158X/4XNoYesYesAlum.Rectangle
2011-166.0LC8CNG Fuel158X/4XYesNoNoBIronRectangle
2008-096.0LFAHybrid Truck/SUV158X/4XYesYesNo5Alum.Cathedral
2010-136.0LZ1Hybrid Truck/SUV158X/4XYesYesYesJAlum.Cathedral
This is the “Iron Maiden,” an LQ4 built in part by OnAllCylinders contributor Jeff Smith. You can get more details on this 6.0L LQ4 buildup here. (Image/Jeff Smith)

Looking for a 6.0L LS Engine?

Here are two LS Engine Spotter’s Guides that will help:

LS Engine Swap Parts Guide

Our friends over at Summit Racing developed a helpful resource that’ll give you an idea of some of the parts you’ll need to complete your LS engine swap—including specific LS swap requirements for exact vehicle models. You can check it out here: