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Tech Articles

Road Trip Essentials: 8 Things to Keep in Your Car

Whether its summer vacation season or not, it’s always a good time to think about a road trip tool kit to keep in your car. That’s especially true if you’ve […]

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Installing a Transmission Fluid Cooler? Read This Before Hooking Up Your Lines & Assembling Custom Hoses

If you want to install a transmission fluid cooler, finding a spot to bolt it up is probably going to be the easy part. You’ll still need a way to […]

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So, You Think You Know How To Use The Gas Pedal? Get Some Driving Tips from a Professional Racer

The loud pedal. Your right foot. The throttle. The gas.  Or in the words of a favorite YouTuber, Vice Grip Garage, The Make-It-Happener.  We love what it does, but YouTube is loaded with […]

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Orientation Session: Your Fuel Filter’s Position May Impact How Your Engine & Carburetor Perform

Older cars and trucks are often packed with ingeniously simple solutions to potentially big problems. And we got reminded of that recently when it was time to replace the fuel […]

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What is a Wheel Bearing & How Can You Tell if Yours is Going Bad?

A wheel bearing has a real simple job: It makes sure that your wheel spins freely, without any binding or vibration. A wheel bearing’s goal is to mitigate the effects […]

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What is EMI & RFI? And How Can You Stop Electric & Ignition Interference?

A little while ago, we ran a story that mentioned how some spark plugs use a built-in resistor to help suppress electrical interference, so that vehicle electronic components (like radios […]

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Taking The Sting Out of Damaged Threads

We’ve all been there at one time or another—tightening a fastener to specifications, only the specified torque is never reached. That unsettling feeling of a stripped thread. For most of […]

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7.0L LS Engine Guide: Block Specs, Swap Resources & Build Info

For well over two decades, the LS was General Motors’ primary V8 engine family. That means GM LS motors wound up in everything from pickup trucks to late model muscle […]

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4.8L LS Engine Guide: Block Specs, Swap Resources & Build Info

For well over two decades, GM put LS engines in everything from sports cars to cargo vans. That means the factory produced the LS in a range of displacements, starting […]

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Big Inches & Big Power: A Simulated Look at Maximizing Acceleration with Chevy Performance’s ZZ632 Big Block

The big news in Bowtie land these days is Chevrolet Performance’s monster ZZ632 tall-deck big-block crate engine that can make 1,004 hp on 93 octane gasoline. Everybody is buzzed about […]