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Video: Using Rocker Arm Ratios to Gain Power and Torque

This excellent eight-minute Summit Racing Quick Flicks video dives into rocker arm ratio theory as it relates to your intake valves. There are torque and horsepower gains to be made by doing your homework and getting these calculations right.

Watch, listen, and learn here:

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  1. I have a 56 chevy 2 dr wagon with a stock 454 and a lunati voodoo cam lun10110702lk. i want to no if changing the rockers to 1.8 would be as good as changing the hole cam and if i changed the heads would that be better

    • Larry, depending on the cam specs you choose there could be added advantages. We’d recommend that you give the Summit tech guys a call at 330-630-0240 to figure out the right cam design for your needs.

  2. AnalogDan Wilson says:

    Yes. But just be cautious. Change the hole cam and awl the lifters two

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  4. I’d like to know when good grammar will make a comeback?
    Or did we bury her already?

  5. Joe Massani says:

    Does the pushrod length come into play with just the rocker change?

    • Hey Joe, it depends on your specific setup. For instance, are you changing your rocker type or brand? A significant change in rocker design would probably warrant a check on pushrod length. But the reason why it’s often recommended to replace pushrods is because of wear patterns and abrasion. A call to the Summit Racing tech folks would be able to answer questions better with details on your specific setup.

      And here’s some good reading that’ll delve into the topic a bit deeper.

      Mailbag: How and When to Measure Pushrod Length

      Oh, and we’ve got a few Ask Away! columns that address the topic in greater detail too.

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