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Video 101: Stainless Steel Brake Lines vs. Rubber Brake Lines

Learn why stainless steel brake lines provide a firmer pedal feel and durability, while rubber brake lines will help you keep costs down and speed up brake line inspection. Car […]

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Video 101: Drum Brakes vs. Disc Brakes

The two most common types of automotive brake systems are drum brakes and disc brakes. Drum brakes have been stopping vehicles for much longer than disc brakes, but as horsepower […]

Summit Racing Ignition Wire
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Video: An Introduction to Choosing Ignition Wire Sets

How do you know which ignition wire set will work best in your vehicle? From stock replacement offerings to wiring for Top Fuel ignition systems, there are many ignition wire […]


Video: How to Install a Summit Racing Universal Shifter on a GM 4-Speed Transmission

Learn how to install a Summit Universal 4 Speed Shifter on your classic four-speed GM transmission by watching this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. With a socket set and a […]

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Video: Automotive Wiring Tips and Tricks

Intimidated by automotive wiring? Do you know how to determine the proper wire gauge (or thickness) you need for your job? In this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video, you will […]

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Video: Understanding Towing Terminology for Towing Calculations

Watch this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video for an easy-to-understand explanation of common towing terms and abbreviations you should know to tow safely and effectively. You will learn important tow […]

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Video: A Closer Look at Tanks Inc. Fuel Tank Kits

If you are interested in replacing or retrofitting a fuel tank, there are a variety of issues you’re likely to encounter. In this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video, you will hear […]

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Video: How to Plasti Dip Wheels

Our friends at Summit Racing pitch Plasti Dip as a simple, low-cost way to change your wheel color without investing in expensive new rims, as they do here with a silver […]

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Video: How to Troubleshoot Nitrous Solenoid Problems

Whenever a customer calls or writes to Summit Racing’s tech department with concerns about their nitrous systems not working, the experienced group always asks the same question first: Have you […]

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Video: How to Test a Starter Solenoid

Having ignition problems? Learn how to test a starter solenoid by watching this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. Using a multimeter and a spare wire, this video will show you how […]