Video: How to Install a Summit Racing Universal Shifter on a GM 4-Speed Transmission

Learn how to install a Summit Universal 4 Speed Shifter on your classic four-speed GM transmission by watching this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. With a socket set and a pair of pliers, you’ll be able to complete the job in one afternoon.

In the video, Al walks you through the process of installing the new bracket on your transmissions tailhousing, properly adjusting the shift linkage, and providing little installation tips along the way.

You’ll be reminded to keep the alignment pin through all three levers, and to install in the neutral position for all gears to help set linkages, and give your self the most clearance room possible while you’re working in the transmission tunnel.

The Summit Universal Shifter mates with Borg Warner T-10, Richmond T-10, Saginaw, and Muncie transmissions (which is what is used in the video). The shifter handle is 11 inches tall, and slopes back four inches. The shifter kits include the chrome-plated steel stick, a rust-preventative powdercoated shift mechanism, a round white shift knob, and necessary linkage.

Watch the video here:

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  1. watched your install. summit fit all shifter (4speed) and you just brushed over the adjustment buttons.more on this would be more helpful . I have a nova with one of these shifters and have not been able to get it to shift with out hanging between gears.? did not install was in car and car was never driven . I can see why.

  2. Lance Aldrich says:

    I have a Saginaw 4 speed and it doesn’t want to go into second gear. It grinds. But it will when truck is not running. Wondering if the linkage needs to be adjusted.thanks

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