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This dial indicator has been set up to read component runout and zeroed. That means the plunger has been run down part way through the range of travel. Once that is accomplished, the outer dial bezel is rotated to position a zero mark directly on the large needle. You can see here that the photo was taken slightly to one side. It shows the effects of not reading a gauge straight on. (Image/Wayne Scraba)
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Dial Indicator Tips: Advice for Choosing, Mounting, Zeroing and Measuring with Dial Indicators

One of the most important tools you’ll find in any racer or rodder’s tool collection is a dial indicator. They’re used for everything from degreeing a cam to checking run-out […]

This is a good look at the adjustment knob on a single-adjustable shock absorber. While adjustments between shock manufactures are often similar, each have their own take on where and how adjustments begin. (Image/Wayne Scraba)
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Installation Tips for Adjustable Shocks on Dual-Purpose Street and Race Cars

There is a simple truth in making a car work for both the street and the strip: The shock absorber is key. The reason is simple. If you can control […]

(Image/Wayne Scraba)
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Shifty Business: How to Install A Shift-Light Tach

Today, big high quality electronic tachometers are a common sight at drag strips and in fast street cars. Modern electronics have turned tachometers into precise and reliable instruments (provided, of […]

I found it was easiest to start on the firewall and work my way to each apron, alternating from side to side to get even coverage without dry spray.
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How to Paint an Engine Bay: Learn Pro Tips from Paint Master Kevin Tetz

Editor’s Note: Kevin Tetz, creator of the Paintucation video series, is a seasoned automotive painting pro, and today he’s sharing some 101 tips on how to paint an engine bay […]

This is what the terminals and seals look like up close. Protection from the elements is provided by these special silicone seals.  The terminal pins are the pieces that actually transfer the electrical current. The pins consist of a male and female terminal. These terminals are non-orienting. What that means is they don't have to be turned when they're plugged together (some other waterproof connectors mandate a twist every time you plug them together). The terminal pins have double lock tangs that secure the pin inside the connector. They also incorporate an extra-long spring member that's designed so that the terminal can't loosen once you've installed it.(Image/Wayne Scraba)
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How to Make Professional, Weathertight Electrical Connections

Electrical connections that come loose, break, and short-out can become a major headache—especially on a car that relies heavily upon electricity to function.  If the electrical connections aren’t right, they […]

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Video: How to Maintain or Fix a Floor Jack (Air-Bleeding & Lubrication Tips)

It’s frustrating when you need to lift something with your trusty floor jack, but discover that your previously reliable jack will only lift part-way, or not at all. Othertimes, the jack […]

This is a pre-assembly photo of Holley’s Ultra-Pro fuel line and its specific 90-degre hose end. Note that we’ve already installed the ferrule over the PTFE liner. The instructions say to use a sharp razor knife to trim a small portion of the liner flush with the ferrule and then install the fitting into the socket and tighten. (Image/Jeff Smith)
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How to Build a Custom Fuel Line for EFI

I’m building an in-tank fuel pump for a fuel injection conversion in a ’69 Nova with a small-block. I have no experience running lines for relatively high pressure injection stuff. […]

(Image/Grumpy's Performance)
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How to Properly Fit Engine Bearings

We asked the bearing brainiacs at Mahle for some tips on fitting engine bearings. The first thing they emphasized was the importance of getting an accurate measurement. “When measuring bearing […]

Since their physical size and shape is identical, using color to distinguish between fuse values is a huge help.
(Image/Summit Racing)
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Automotive Fuse ID: Color Chart for Car & Truck Fuses

Fuses are an essential part of any electrical system. They are designed to fail automatically in the event of an electrical overload or short—sacrificing themselves to save your wiring harness. […]

(Image/2003-04 Mach 1 Registry Owners Club)
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3 Steps to Proper Bellhousing Alignment & Offset Dowel Pin Sizing Chart

Is it Necessary to Align the Bellhousing for a Transmission Swap? Q: I’m installing a new 5-speed transmission and bellhousing in my 1993 Mustang. A friend of mine asked me […]