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Overlanding Essentials: Tents, Shelter & Sleeping

While it’s easy to love the idea of overlanding through a pristine landscape, off-roading is tough. And having the right overlanding, off-road, and car camping gear is vital. So we’ve […]

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Video: How to Choose the Right Yoke for Your Ford 9″ Rear End

1310, 1330, 1350…what do those numbers mean? And why should you care when it’s time to pick a yoke for your Ford 9 inch rear end? This helpful video from […]

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Video: How to Properly Place and Install an Oxygen Sensor

Thinking about swapping out your carburetor for an aftermarket EFI system? If so, there are sensors required to feed your ECU with the right information to help operate your EFI […]

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Interior Decorator: How to Install Automotive Carpet

Laying down automotive carpet in your car might not seem like that big a job.  But it’s not exactly a flop-down-and-go job either. We were reminded of this first-hand when […]

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Engine Building 101: How to Measure and Check Rod Bearing Clearance

Proper bearing clearance is essential when building an engine. That holds true for both your main bearings and rod bearings. We partnered with the Summit Racing team to cover the […]

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How to Set Up Inputs and Outputs on Holley Terminator X EFI (Video)

In today’s video, Ray from Holley Performance is going to take you through the steps of setting up your inputs and outputs to auxiliary components such as power fans, fuel […]

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Engine Building 101: Installation Tips for Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies (Video)

In today’s video, our friends Brian and Mike from Summit Racing will take you through the entire process of installing your completed piston, piston ring, and connecting rod assemblies into […]

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Video: How To Make Custom Spark Plug Wires and Test Resistance

Terry Wilson, a.k.a Coverman66, is just like us–someone whose love of hot rods and horsepower knows no bounds. At age 10 he was driving his uncle’s muscle cars on the […]

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Engine Building 101: How to Install Torque Angle Bolts (Video)

Torque angle bolts require a unique tightening process. The torque angle method is a more precise way of torquing a standard fastener to a predetermined tension. When using this method, […]

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Engine Building 101: How to Install Spirolox Retaining Rings (Video)

Spirolox — something referred to as wristpin clips or spiral retaining rings — are used to secure pistons and wrist pins to connecting rods. Using Spirolox on each side of […]