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Video: How to Properly Place and Install an Oxygen Sensor

Thinking about swapping out your carburetor for an aftermarket EFI system?

If so, there are sensors required to feed your ECU with the right information to help operate your EFI system. One of these sensors is the oxygen sensor, and proper placement and installation of this critical component is crucial. Improper placement, poor welds, and other installation mistakes can cause false readings from your sensor.

In this video, our friends at Holley Performance show you some pitfalls to avoid and then cover the right placement and installation of your O2 sensor.



  1. I’m seriously considering going to efi on my 1977 GMC K25. The truck has an 8600# gvwr and came from the factory with dual exhaust and will retain them. Will I need to install an O2 sensor in each side?

    • Correction, the truck is a 1979 model, not 1977. But, with its 8600# gvwr, it never had a catalytic converter and did come stock with dual exhaust.

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