To ensure you’re running the right size yoke, bust out your calipers or a tape measure and take some key measurements. (Image/Currie)

1310, 1330, 1350…what do those numbers mean? And why should you care when it’s time to pick a yoke for your Ford 9 inch rear end?

This helpful video from the axle aces over at Currie Enterprises will show you how to determine which yoke to use in your car or truck. It discusses some of the more common yoke sizes used, and what critical U-joint measurements are involved in figuring out which yoke to choose.

Whether you’re building a new Ford 9 inch rear end or repairing an old one, this is a must-watch video to ensure you’re running the right yoke for your axle, driveshaft, and U-joints. Check it out below.

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