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Video: Understanding Electrical Relays (& How to Install Them)

We talk about relays a lot around here. And that’s simply because they’re really, really handy in situations where you need to control the flow of power to your electrical […]

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Photo Gallery: 2022 Summit Racing Equipment IX Piston Powered Autorama Bonus Reel

Cleveland, Ohio – OK, so we posted an earlier Piston Powered Autorama Friday Photo Gallery—but you didn’t think we’d turn our cameras off after that, did you? Here’s another batch […]


NHRA Wrap-Up: Force, Enders & Capps Victorious at 2022 NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Las Vegas

If you’ve never been, NHRA four-wide racing is about as intense as you’d expect. It’s always a fan favorite and the racing never disappoints. So let’s jump right into the […]

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Toyota Launches New All-Wheel Drive, 300 Horsepower 2023 GR Corolla

We double checked to make sure, but in the 10-year history of OnAllCylinders, we have never—ever—written a story about the humble Toyota Corolla. Which is kind of odd, because it’s […]

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Parts Bin: Add Some Versatility to Your Jeep Wrangler JK, JL & Gladiator with Storage Solutions from XG Cargo

If you’ve ever loaded up a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator for a road trip, off-road trail ride, or overlanding adventure, you know that space can get tight quickly. So having […]

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Photo Gallery: 2022 Summit Racing Equipment IX Piston Powered Autorama Friday Walkaround

Cleveland, Ohio – One of the biggest shows on the Summit Racing Show Car Series calendar happens right in our backyard: The Piston Powered Autorama, held at the massive IX […]

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2022 Muscle Car Match-Ups Tournament of Champions: A Final Round All-Mopar Showdown

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of your <blushing>absolute favorite automotive blog</blushing>, we’ve taken a look back at the previous winners of all our annual Muscle Car Match-Ups and pitted them against each other […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

Summit Racing Expands Retail Store to Include a Bed & Breakfast

Tallmadge, Ohio – International performance auto parts retailer Summit Racing just broke ground on a new Bed & Breakfast space, located inside its Akron-area Retail Super Store.  “Summit Racing has […]

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Video: Understanding the Difference Between “Knock” & “Rod Knock”

We talk about engine noises a lot around here, namely because those unusual thunks, tikka-tikkas, and ka-chuks are a great way to diagnose engine issues without ever getting your hands […]

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7.0L LS Engine Guide: Block Specs, Swap Resources & Build Info

For well over two decades, the LS was General Motors’ primary V8 engine family. That means GM LS motors wound up in everything from pickup trucks to late model muscle […]