If you’ve ever detailed your car then headed off to a car show, only to realize that the drive splattered wheel cleaner and tire dressing all over the flanks of your ride, then you’ve experienced a phenomenon known as “tire sling.”

The good news, is that tire sling is preventable—with the proper techniques of course.

…And the better news is that the nice folks with Malco Automotive Products will show you how.

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man spraying tire cleaner onto a wheel
(Image/The Malco Automotive Products YouTube Channel)

Truth is, avoiding tire sling is a combination of the proper prep and application technique, as well as using the correct tire dressing products.

This video covers all of that jazz, and will help you avoid some potential car detailing headaches along the way. It’s a quick watch too, less than five minutes long, so if you’ve ever struggled with “tire sling” before, it’s worth checking out: