You don’t need to be Isaac Newton to understand that, the heavier the vehicle is, the more effort it takes to stop.

But as you’d imagine, the hows and whys behind that logic are a bit more nuanced.

So to explain this topic better than we ever could, the folks at Pedder’s Suspension created a short video that digs into the science and physics at play.

For the off-roading and overlanding folks, the name Pedder’s is probably pretty familiar, as the company has been making performance off-road chassis suspension upgrade parts for decades. So suffice it to say, the Pedder’s techs and engineers know an awful lot about how weight will impact a vehicle’s handling characteristics.

Better still, the Pedder’s folks have gobs of experience with trailering and towing too, so the video has some insight into those topics as well. There’s plenty of math at play here, so you can really understand how to calculate (and compensate) for changes in your vehicle’s handling with any dramatic change in weight.

The best part is, it’s only about a minute long. You can check it out below: