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Video: Benefits of Upgrading to Tubular Control Arms—Are They Worth It?

When you really start diving into suspension upgrades, you’ll likely find a lot of folks talking about tubular control arms. That’s because an aftermarket set of control arms can offer […]

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Parts Bin: Unplugged Performance Suspension Parts Help Your Tesla EV Hug the Pavement

As the Summit Racing folks found out with their White Lightning Tesla Project Car, the Tesla Model 3 is a potent performer right out of the box. But while there […]

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Suspended Animation: What Are Split Mono Leaf Springs & How Can They Help?

If you look closely at leaf spring NHRA Stockers or other stock suspension small tire cars, most have one thing in common: The suspension consists of some sort of traction […]

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Video: Are You Driving on Blown Shocks? Here’s a Good Way to Tell

We’ve said this before, but since a shock may wear gradually over several months (or even years), it’s easy to not even notice it’s happening. So every once in a […]

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Video: How to Use RideTech’s Online Calculator Tool to Pick the Best Spring Rates for Your Car or Truck

Make no mistake: choosing the right spring rates for your suspension project is absolutely an exact science. That’s why we’re awfully fond of the folks at RideTech for developing an […]

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Video: How to Measure Shock Absorber & Coilover Length

If you’re building a custom chassis or trying to optimize your vehicle’s handling with a unique suspension setup, knowing how to measure for the best shock and coilover length is […]

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Parts Bin: Stiffen Your Fox Body Mustang’s Chassis for Better Handling, with Help from Detroit Speed

The Fox Body (1979 to 1993) Ford Mustang has been the go-to choice for racers for decades now—but when you start adding power and tossing it into corners, you’ll probably […]

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Spring Time: What’s the Difference Between a Coil Spring and Leaf Spring?

While most gearheads probably already know the difference between a leaf spring and a coil spring in a car or truck suspension, we wanted to provide a simple 101 for […]

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Parts Bin: All American Chassis Suspension Kits for 1963-72 Chevy/GMC Trucks

It’s fair to say that 1963-72 Chevy and GMC C-Series Trucks are now bonafide classics. Which also means the aftermarket is stepping up with plenty of performance and restoration parts. […]

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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Tubular Control Arms

You hear about tubular control arms a lot these days when talking about performance suspension systems.  But is all the buzz really warranted? Are tubular control arms really worth your […]