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Improving Hook with Sway Bars on Drag Cars

In the past, we’ve taken a look at the forces at work when a vehicle is accelerating. To recap: “…as each cylinder in the engine fires, the pistons (and consequently […]

whiteline suspension springs and stabilizer bars

Suspension 101: 5 Benefits of Performance vs. Stock Suspension Components

As modern automotive technology advances, so do many standard and stock features on new vehicles. But those stock features and parts are made to satisfy the masses from not just […]

RideTech R-Joint
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Parts Bin: Get Your Ride Right and Tight with the RideTech R-Joint XL Rod Ends

We don’t live in an age of magic carpets, so flawless ride quality isn’t a thing. Any vehicle that makes contact with the road is going to generate some level […]

cobb tuning - suspension
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Video: Suspension Tuning 101 with COBB Tuning

Whether you’re driving low and slow, and setting up your suspension for performance applications, tuning your vehicle’s suspension to efficiently put your engine power to the pavement and play nicely […]

Nolathane bushing

Parts Bin: Cure ‘Carthritis’ with Nolathane Suspension Products

Ride quality is something every driver wants to improve. But how? There are many components that contribute to achieving this goal, so it can be challenging to know where to […]

Monroe Shock Absorber Cutaway Video
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Video: How a Twin-Tube Shock Works

When it comes to shock/strut construction, the two most popular designs are twin-tube and monotube. Our pals at Summit Racing made a good video comparing/contrasting the two—you can watch it […]


Suspension Tuning Suggestions: A Talk with a Koni Automotive Product Manager

The Koni roadshow pulled into Summit Racing’s retail store this week to chat with folks about the merits of proper suspension tuning. We got a chance to sit down with […]


Parts Bin: Roadster Shop SPEC Chassis

The foundation of a vintage vehicle build is the frame. Any damage, whether its from rust or a wreck, can cause havoc when its time to get the car roadworthy. […]

Subframe Video Still
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Video: What are Subframe Connectors and Why Do You Need Them?

Before we get into the importance of subframe connectors, let’s first talk about what vehicle subframes are. What is a Subframe? A subframe is a discrete structural component in vehicles. […]

KYB Shock Strut Install Tips
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Video: Shock/Strut Installation Tips

Every gearhead is going to need to know how to replace shocks and struts in their vehicle eventually. And though installing new dampers or springs may seem like a straightforward […]