Using push lock hose in your vehicle’s cooling, oiling, or fuel system has a ton of upside. That’s because push lock hose assemblies are plenty durable enough to withstand high pressure, high temperature environments and—better yet—it’s pretty easy to assemble a push lock hose with its corresponding fittings.

And the folks at Mishimoto will show you how.

man assembling push lock hose with fitting
(Image/The Mishimoto YouTube Channel)

Mishimoto has its own line of push lock hose and push lock swivel fittings, and its tech team will walk you through the process of making a custom push lock hose assembly.

The video has a few handy tips to ensure your hose assembly goes together easily and, more importantly, will give you miles of leak-free operation.

So if you’re putting together a custom plumbing system for say, an EFI conversion, transmission cooler, or relocated oil filter, then this video might convince you that push lock fittings are the way to go—get a closer look below and you’ll see what we mean:

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