Hey, have you heard? Intrepid gearheads are now swapping (GASP!) LS engines into older cars—and some aren’t even GM vehicles, either! (Double GASP!)

We’re only pretending to clutch our proverbial pearls here, of course, because anyone’s who been to a car show in the past 20 years already knows the LS engine family has been the go-to swap motor for thousands of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

And while there are plenty of reasons “why” the LS swap is so popular—price, size, and performance all come to mind—the “how” side of the swap can still present a problem for anyone mulling an LS engine conversion. Depending on the vehicle you’re swapping into, you’ve got to account for things like crossmember clearance, header fitment, and revised driveshaft geometry—along with a host of other unique considerations.

So our pals over at Summit Racing hooked up with Sikky Manufacturing to take some of the headaches out of the equation by offering a swap-in-a-box LS swap solution with a wide range of Summit Racing LS Swap kits.

GM LS Engine under the hood of a Bmw E30 coupe
The Summit Racing folks helped LS Swap a E30 BMW, where it was tuned to well north of 500 horsepower. You can get details on Project GMW here. (Image/Summit Racing)

Depending on the application, you get vital components like engine mounts, a clearanced oil pan, and a shorter/longer driveshaft. Each kit is made up of carefully curated parts to ensure that everything will fit and play nice. In other words, these LS Swap Kits can eliminate a lot of the parts-matching guesswork from your calculations.

Speaking of applications—whoa nelly—Summit Racing offers dozens upon dozens of kits for a massive range of vehicles and LS engine/transmission combinations. Last we checked, the list was well north of 50 distinct kit part numbers. And yeah, Summit Racing stretches into import territory too, with LS swap kits for Nissans, Subarus, BMWs, and beyond. In fact, here are some of our favorite LS swap candidates


  • 1968-72 A-Body
  • 1968-74 Nova


  • E36 3-Series
  • E30 3-Series
  • E46 3-Series
  • E34 5-Series
  • E39 5-Series


  • 1989-98 240SX/S13/S14
  • 2003-09 350Z
  • 2009-21 370Z
  • 2003-08 Infiniti G35


  • 1993-95 RX-7


  • 1993-98 Supra
  • 2017-20 GR 86/Scion FRS


  • 2010-16 Genesis Coupe


  • 2013-22 BRZ

And if that’s not enough, the Summit Racing tech team compiled an entire LS Engine Swap Guide to help you along your magical LS Swap journey. If you’re mulling an LS swap, that swap guide is an excellent place to begin.

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