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Video: What Are Bearing Coatings & How Can They Help?

This bearing was pulled from an alcohol dragster, where you can see the type of damage that coated bearings were developed to confront. (Image/Mahle’s YouTube Channel)

Born out of high performance race engines, coated bearings are finding their way into more and more mainstream applications nowadays—which is why we felt that this video from Mahle was worth a watch.

It packs a lot of bearing tech into just under four minutes. The video will discuss why coated bearings exist, what common coating is used, and what benefits coating bearings offer. Then you’ll hear about some popular uses for coated bearings, and why they’re becoming increasingly more common in engines coming direct from the OEMs. (Spoiler alert, the diesel crowd is getting in on the coated bearing action too!)

OnAllCylinders contributor Wayne Scraba did a comprehensive two-part article on pistons, with a lot of insight on coatings from Mahle as well. You can start reading it here: Part 1: Power-Packed Piston Tech You Can Use!

Got a few minutes and want to nerd-out a bit on engine bearings? Check out the video below:

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