Articles written by: Wayne Scraba

Wayne Scraba is a diehard car guy and regular contributor to OnAllCylinders. He’s owned his own speed shop, built race cars, street rods, and custom motorcycles, and restored muscle cars. He’s authored five how-to books and written over 4,500 tech articles that have appeared in sixty different high performance automotive, motorcycle and aviation magazines worldwide.

Ignition & Electrical / Tech

Wire Works: When It Comes To Electrical Wire, The Right Mix Is Important

The wire you use to hook up electrical equipment in your car is important stuff. How important? We’d say it’s absolutely crucial. And if you don’t believe it, just ask […]

Product Profiles / Tools

The Great Coverup: How Mechanic Grip Gloves Can Save The Day

True Story: More than a dozen years ago, I was sitting in an emergency clinic waiting for a doctor to stitch me up from a shop accident. He walked in, took […]

Engine & Exhaust / Induction

Fully Primed: Not All Electric Fuel Pumps Are Created Equal

Electric fuel pumps are, for the most part, standard equipment in drag racing. Ditto with fuel injected applications. But a lot of carbureted street cars use them too. Fair enough, […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

The Crystal Ball: 10 Automotive Aftermarket Trends on the Horizon

In honor of the 10th anniversary of OnAllCylinders, we’re asking some of our regular contributors to write a few stories on the automotive industry. First up is Wayne Scraba and […]


The Most Basic of Hand Tools: Ponder The Forgotten & Often Misused Flat Chisel

For a second, ponder that forgotten and often misused tool (or tools) in your toolbox: the flat chisel. It’s the most common chisel used in automotive applications, but there are […]

Driveline / Tech

Gear Jammers: How Different Driveline Combinations Affect Your Gearing Selection

Back in the day, the common way to select rear end gears for a car was downright simple: In an automatic, whatever ratio was in the transmission, was in the […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech / Tech Articles

Panning for Power: Wet Sump Oil Pan Innovation

In drag racing, the most common oiling systems are wet sump arrangements. Virtually every Stocker and Super Stocker uses one, and so do plenty of Super Class cars and Competition […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

Rod Bolt Stretch Gauges: The Right Tools for Measuring Bolt Stretch

Today, torquing certain fasteners (particularly connecting rod bolts/nuts) is far different than it once was. The level of sophistication has increased (dramatically) from simply using a torque wrench, tightening to […]

Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

Building Blocks: 10 Often-Overlooked Small (Yet Important!) Parts You Need to Finish Your Engine Assembly

For anyone building an engine in a small town, the pain of finding all of the little pieces necessary to assemble the thing can be considerable—and we’re not talking about […]

Product Profiles

The Rivet Nut (Nutsert) Tool: A Quick & Easy Solution For Installing Blind Nuts

Sometimes you’ll find a spot on your project where you need a nut to secure a fastener, but there’s no way to reach the back side of it for access. […]