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Part 2: Power-Packed Piston Tech You Can Use!

In last month’s Part One, we began our look at today‚Äôs piston technology. As mentioned in that article, the numbers of choices within the Summit Racing catalog are absolutely massive. […]

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Part 1: Power-Packed Piston Tech You Can Use!

There are thousands of different pistons available from Summit Racing. They come from just about every piston manufacturer in the business and they fit every price range and almost every […]

Tech Articles

4 Engine Assembly Tips for Maximizing Cam Bearing Performance

For many years, nearly all automotive camshaft bearings were manufactured with a babbitt-metal lining. Babbitt metal is a soft metal comprised mostly of tin (86 percent for Ford Motor Co. […]

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Video: Why Bearings Fail & How to Detect Bearing Distress

Whether we’re talking about your engine, axles, transmission, or anywhere else they’re found, bearings have a very, very, very important job. That job, for the purposes of this article, is […]

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How to Properly Fit Engine Bearings

We asked the bearing brainiacs at Mahle for some tips on fitting engine bearings. The first thing they emphasized was the importance of getting an accurate measurement. “When measuring bearing […]