If you know anything about turbochargers, you know that their turbine impellers spin really, really, really fast. And that stratospheric RPM means that even the smallest bit of grit or debris can cause big problems.

Suffice it to say, inspecting your turbo helps mitigate those issues and goes a long way to improving your turbocharger’s service life.

man holding a turbocharger impeller turbine
(Image/The Mahle Aftermarket YouTube Channel)

So to help you understand the hows and whys of a good turbocharger inspection, we wanted to share this video from the experts at Mahle.

The video is full of real-world examples of turbine impellers, along with some not-so-good looking parts and debris. And you’ll see turbocharger examples ranging from large industrial equipment all the way to a typical one you’ll find in a commercial vehicle.

All told, this video can help you get a clearer picture of your turbocharger’s health. And at less than four minutes, it’s an easy watch too:

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