While plenty of gearheads understand the importance of bolt stretch in the context of connecting rod bolts, truth is, bolt stretch and fastener fatigue can impact other aspects of your engine too.

And perhaps nowhere is that issue more acute than with your cylinder head bolts.

To that end, we came across this detailed video from the folks over at Mahle.

man holding a cylinder head bolt
(Image/The Mahle Aftermarket YouTube Channel)

In about four minutes, this straightforward video from Mahle will give you a good explanation on why it’s so important to inspect and, if necessary, replace your cylinder head bolts every time you remove or swap your cylinder heads.

You’ll get a bit of the background behind the issue and a brief overview of the science and metallurgy at play. More importantly, you’ll find out what problems can be prevented by using the methods described in the video.

In other words, if you do a lot of top-end engine work, consider this video a must-watch:

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