Cleveland, Ohio – Honestly, we wanted to get this post up from last weekend’s Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama way, way earlier—but considering how long it took us to sort through all the awesome pictures our ace photographers came back with, it’s a quiet miracle we were able to get this done at all.

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Photographers Will Schertz and Katie Rockman descended on the show and didn’t stop snapping pics until their memory cards were jam-packed with SBCs, Windsors, Hemis, and plenty of other unusual powerplants. Keep scrolling and see what they uncovered.


Ford 260 V8 in a vintage belly tank salt flats LSR racer
This Ford 260 was crammed inside a Salt Flats Belly Tank racer, which it helped propel to some land speed records. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
ford 289 hi-po v8 engine in a vintage mustang
If the stripes on the cowl didn’t give it away, this 289 Hi-Po was tucked into a vintage Shelby Mustang. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
lt4 superchagred lt engine in a z06 c7 corvette
As the cover explains, this supercharged LT4 LT series V8 makes 650 horsepower in the C7 Corvette Z06. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
ford 4 cylinder engine in a 1930 model A
Here’s a flathead four we spotted in a super clean 1930 Model A Ford. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
four cylinder ford flathead race engine
Parked nearby was another early Ford four-banger with some serious upgrades. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
454 big block chevy v8 460 hp in a yenko nova
This big block Chevy was actually punched out to 468ci. It looked mighty fierce under the hood of a Yenko tribute Nova too. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
v10 engine in a 2001 dodge viper rt10
If the 10 injectors didn’t give this engine away, the valve covers sure do. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
sbc 350 400 v8 in a 1971 chevy impala
We see a lot of modified small block Chevy engines around here, so its always nice to uncover a relatively stock one under the hood of a typical passenger car. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
supercharged Coyote V8 in a s550 mustang cobra
This supercharged Coyote was lurking in a Mustang Cobra. Learn more about the distinctions between all the Coyote engines in this handy guide. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
ford four cylinder engine in a custom pinto show car
Originally made in Europe for international markets, the basic Ford four cylinder architecture found in the Pinto had a career that long outlasted its unofficial Pinto namesake. Also known as the “Lima” engine after the Lima, Ohio plant that made them here in the States, various motors from this metric engine family were used in a massive range of cars and trucks internationally, and gained a cult following in certain performance circles too. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
v8 engine in a late model bmw
…Speaking of European powerplants. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
350c small block chevy v8 in a 1978 Corvette
The 350ci SBC V8 was the stalwart engine for much of the C3 Corvette’s lifespan. You can learn more about Corvette history here. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
5.0L cobra v8 in a fox body mustang
We will never not photograph a 5.0L in a Fox. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
351 5-8L Windsor V8 engine in a 1990s era ford lightning F-150
With all the attention on the 5.0L, its easy to forget the 351W lived on in the EFI realm as the 5.8L. This one was under the hood of a 1990s-era Ford F-150 Lightning. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
engine and transaxle in a 2006 ford gt supercar
Here’s what the mid-engine engine/transaxle combo looks like in a modern Ford GT supercar. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
chrome summit racing air cleaner on a sbc v8
Not gonna lie—we’re big fans of that air cleaner. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
255 mercury ford flathead v8 with offy heads
Though we come across plenty of Ford flathead V8s in our adventures, it’s rare to spot its Mercury counterpart—especially if it’s running Offy heads. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
396 big block v8 turbo 350hp in a 1968 chevelle
We uncovered this trusty 396 in a survivor-spec 1968 Chevelle. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
ls engine swapped in a datsun 240z
This LS was wedged into an incredible Pro Touring Datsun 240z—read this if you’re into that sort of thing. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
pontiac 455 v8 engine with shaker hood in a trans am
And you no doubt know where we discovered this monster… (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)