Cleveland, Ohio – To say that the annual Summit Racing Equipment I-X Piston Powered Auto-Rama is massive would be, well, a massive understatement. The event is held at a former military tank assembly plant, so yeah, it’s got plenty of space to cram-in muscle cars, exotics, trucks, race cars, Jeeps, imports, and anything else that’s propelled by an internal combustion engine.

And the best part is, it’s right in our own backyard—just a short drive from OnAllCylinders World Headquarters in Akron.

We sent our ace photographers Will Schertz and Katie Rockman to cover the show this year and they reported back with memory cards jam-packed with awesome pics. Here’s just a small sample of what their lenses captured—we’ll have more photos coming soon as well.


fiberfab clodhopper meyers manx clone
This is a Fiberfab Clodhopper, one of the Meyers Manx-inspired dune buggies that exploded in popularity during the 1970s. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
1970 chrysler 300 hurst edition
Hurst hooked up with a few automakers, including Oldsmobile and Jeep, but here’s one of the more rare partnerships—a 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst edition. (Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
Sherman tank on display at indoor car show
The massive I-X Center that hosts this annual show was a former tank factory during World War II, so this Sherman seems perfectly at home here. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
Silver 1971 Boss 351 Ford Mustang
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
custom lowered Cadillac coupe
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
ford gt autographed by carrol shelby
Yup, that’s Shelby’s name scrawled on the hood. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
custom lincoln continental lowrider
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
vintage yamaha waveraider PWC
Look closely, this vintage Yamaha WaveRaider is built around a two-wheeled frame—so yeah, it’s a scooter in disguise. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
1973 leboata car boat based on chrysler lebaron
Same deal with this interesting ride—the owner calls it “LeBoata” because it’s actually sitting on an old Chrysler LeBaron chassis. And yes, it’s street legal. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
ltv-4 military army navy landing vehicle
Speaking of amphibious vehicles, this is a WW2-era LTV landing craft. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
vintage 1933 buick prewar coupe
There was plenty of prewar appreciation too, like this 1933 Buick. (Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
1925 stearns knight model C six cylinder
And this 1925 Stearns-Knight Model C. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
Cord FWD prewar Coupe
And this FWD Cord. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
bubble era chevy caprice with ss clone package
(Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
1977 gmc caballero with custom wheels
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
1972 yenko nova
If you’re into Yenko Novas, you may enjoy this short history on Don Yenko too. (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
vintage international IH imperial milk truck rat rod
(Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
1959 oldsmobile super 88
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
1969 opel kadett
Save for the occasional GT, you don’t see many Opels around anymore—so we had to grab a shot of this Kadett. (Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
rear view of a 1958 edsel ranger
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
adam west era batmobile
Anyone seen Yvonne Craig lately? (Image/Summit Racing – Will Schertz)
white 1965 Pontiac Bonneville coupe
Bonneville was one of the obvious stops during our automotive nameplate world tour. (Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
first gen ford thunderbird drag car
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
chevy biscayne street rod
There was a 502 Rat motor under the hood here—Bisquick 2.0. (Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
1964 buick riviera pro street custom front
If you’re into ‘Rivis, you may enjoy this article as well. (Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
1957 jaguar xk140 mc roadster
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)
1965 oldsmobile starfire coupe
(Image/Summit Racing – Katie Rockman)