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Behold the De Tomaso Pantera: An Italian Supercar Powered by Ford

It’s no secret that vintage Italian sports cars have a reputation for being finicky and expensive to maintain. But what if…what if…you could get a car that had a sleek, […]

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Photo Gallery: 2022 Summit Racing Equipment IX Piston Powered Autorama Bonus Reel

Cleveland, Ohio – OK, so we posted an earlier Piston Powered Autorama Friday Photo Gallery—but you didn’t think we’d turn our cameras off after that, did you? Here’s another batch […]

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Photo Gallery: 2022 Summit Racing Equipment IX Piston Powered Autorama Friday Walkaround

Cleveland, Ohio – One of the biggest shows on the Summit Racing Show Car Series calendar happens right in our backyard: The Piston Powered Autorama, held at the massive IX […]

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Getting to Know Ford’s Beasty 351C

Ford’s powerful 335 Series family of middle block V8s displacing 351 and 400ci was a brief chapter in Ford North American history. We still don’t really know where the 335 […]

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Building Classic Ford 351 Cleveland Power

The 351 Cleveland story is one of the most befuddling in Ford history. In North America, it was only in production for four years (1970-74), yet it became the hotrodder’s […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Dialing in a Cleveland

I’m trying to dial in my old Ford friend of 45 years, a 1972 Ford Mustang with a 351 Cleveland with 2-barrel heads. The engine has a Crane hydraulic roller […]

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Ford V8 Engine Bore and Stroke Guide

The Ford V8 engine family tree has a lot of branches. You’ve got the venerable Windsor small block, plus the 385-series and FE-series big block branches, along with a trio of […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Ford 351 Windsor, Cleveland, or Modified Engine?

Engines are often identified by their displacement, like the ubiquitous Chevy 350, Mopar 440, or Ford Five-Oh. But displacement alone isn’t always the best differentiator, and nowhere is that more […]

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She’s No Lemon: Bob Lemon’s 1965 Plymouth Satellite

Hanging out at his local dragstrip in greater Detroit, he was a just a boy with a dream. The 1964 Plymouth Belvedere had just broke onto the scene, and Bob […]

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Photo Gallery: Piston-Powered Autorama – Cleveland 2014

  The Piston-Powered Autorama rolled through Cleveland, OH this past weekend and we were there with our cameras. There were way more cars and trucks than our team could shoot […]