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Parts Bin: Warm Up Your Vehicle’s Passenger Cabin with a Summit Racing Floor/Wall Mount Heater

This virtually self-contained heater box is a smart way to retrofit your vehicle’s interior with some heat. (Image/Summit Racing)

Got a stripped-down hot rod, old Jeep, vintage cruiser, or side by side UTV that doesn’t have a heater? Then you probably already know how frosty fingers can ruin a fall, winter, or spring drive. Even during the summer, an early-morning jaunt can leave you shivering as you shift.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Summit Racing’s got a compact, easy-to-install heater box that’ll toasty-up your car, truck, or SUV’s passenger compartment in no time.

It works just like a traditional heater, by moving engine coolant through a heat exchanger, then it’s got a built-in electric blower fan that’ll push the heated air through the vehicle’s cabin.

Since it’s all contained in a single integrated unit, this compact heater is really easy to install too. You simply plumb-in your engine’s coolant lines, wire-up the built-in two-speed fan and controller, and you’re ready for some heat.

On the bottom you can see the built-in heat exchanger. Note the integrated mounting brackets too, making install a breeze. (Image/Summit Racing)

Best of all, its small footprint means you can stick the heater box in a lot of places—up against a firewall, behind your seats, or nestled along the floor. The box measures about 8 x 8 x 10 inches. Adjustable louvers let you direct the heat exactly where it needs to go.

So if you’re tired of wearing mittens on every early-morning cruise or attending car shows with a perpetually runny nose, then a Summit Racing wall/floor mount heater can ensure you arrive to your destination nice n’ toasty.

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