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What is a Blower Motor Resistor? And How Can You Tell if Yours is Bad?

It all started during our drive to check out the Cavalcade of Customs in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a bitterly cold day and we noticed that our vehicle’s cabin was […]

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Parts Bin: Warm Up Your Vehicle’s Passenger Cabin with a Summit Racing Floor/Wall Mount Heater

Got a stripped-down hot rod, old Jeep, vintage cruiser, or side by side UTV that doesn’t have a heater? Then you probably already know how frosty fingers can ruin a […]

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Car Maintenance 101: What is a Cabin Air Filter & When Should You Check Yours

This story begins with a burned-out blower motor in Kyle’s new car. Kyle’s a friend of OnAllCylinders and a really smart car guy, so he quickly dove in to investigate. […]

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Saving Silverado (Part 3): Getting the HVAC System Operating Properly

No one likes sweating in a hot car in the middle of summer, and it’s especially infuriating when there is a perfectly good air conditioning system on board that doesn’t […]