We probably don’t have to spend much time explaining the benefits of LED light bars—they put out tons of light in a compact, durable, and efficient package. Those advantages make a small LED light bar a great choice for an ATV, dirt bike, side x side, jon boat, lawn tractor, and plenty of other compact rides.

Problem is, a lot of folks don’t want to put any more strain on their vehicle’s bare-bones electrical charging system—or simply don’t have any available on-board power at all.

That’s why Summit Racing Rechargeable LED Light Bars are so dang handy.

Summit Racing Rechargeable LED Light Bar Kit Contents
The light bars come with the battery, charger, and all the hardware you’ll need. You’ll also get a robust wiring harness that includes a male connector for the battery port, plus a hardwired pushbutton remote and a handy wireless key fob to turn the light on and off. (Image/Summit Racing)

As the word “rechargeable” implies, these LED light bars are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about taxing your vehicle’s electrical system—making these light bars a great option for dirt bikes, ATVs, and other rides with charging systems that create *just enough* juice to keep the ignition system sparking.

Better still, these Summit Racing Rechargeable LED Light Bars are removable. You can install the wiring harness full time, but only carry the battery pack and light bar when you need the light—say, if you’re doing some early morning fishing or wrapping up yardwork on a gloomy, overcast evening.

Summit Racing Rechargeable LED Light Bar
These light bars use 12 volt Li-Po battery power and high efficiency LEDs to provide hours of light with a single charge. (Image/Summit Racing)

The light bars put out plenty of clean, pure light and come in durable aluminum housings that’ll withstand the rigors of off-roading. Robust weatherproof connectors keep moisture out too—a feature that’s particularly handy for marine applications.

Summit Racing Rechargeable LED Light Bars Come in a Few Sizes

  • SUM-890266 – 6 inch light bar, 12 white LEDs, 2,400 lumens
  • SUM-890267 – 9 inch light bar, 18 white LEDs, 3,600 lumens
  • SUM-890268 – 12 inch light bar, 24 white LEDs, 4,800 lumens


Understanding Lumens, Watts & Light Output

You’ll find most lamps today are rated in lumens. We have all more or less been trained to think in watts. But there is a difference. Watts measures energy use, not light bulb output. The official definition of lumen goes something like this: “a unit of luminous flux in the International System of Units, that is equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle by a source of one candela intensity radiating equally in all directions.”

Bottom line here is lumens equals brightness. Watts do not.

Wayne Scraba, from his Garage & Shop Light Buyer’s Guide

Get a Closer Look at These Light Bars in This Video:

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