OnAllCylinders is about giving gifts that speak to the heart, just so long as that heart belongs to a die-hard automotive enthusiast.

But auto parts can get pricey. Shocker, we know. And many are designed for specific applications which makes it difficult to just haphazardly choose items without knowing the ins and outs of the vehicle in question.

So what do you get for a gearhead that is affordable, meaningful, and shows forethought?

We’re here to help with that.

This year, OnAllCylinders will run a series of buyer’s guides meant to point you toward gift ideas appropriate for the automotive-obsessed people in your life. In this installment, we’re covering 10 gift ideas for Chevy enthusiasts. Check them out below:

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1) Chevrolet Steel Signs

(Image/Summit Racing)

Park other vehicle makes in here at your peril. At. Your. Peril.

2) Die-Cast Model Collectable Chevy Cars & Trucks

(Image/Summit Racing)

The next best thing to the real car. A lot easier to put on your mantle, too.

3) Chevy Fender Cover

(Image/Summit Racing)

Fender covers are a great cold-weather (and warm-weather, to be fair) companion for the DIY garage and driveway mechanic. And it says “CHEVROLET” on it so you know it’s going to last longer than the ones that say “FORD”, amiright??? (Totally kidding, Ford guys. Also: Why are you even reading this? Traitors.)

4) Chevy Camo Flag Hooded Sweatshirt

(Image/Summit Racing)

The author of this buyer’s guide wears a hoodie almost every day.

Some of his decisions are questionable. Wearing hoodies all of the time isn’t one of them. (Fun fact: We made this same bad joke in the Mopar holiday gift guide, and we feel like if you remember it, you lose Chevy Fan Card points.)

5) 1963 Corvette Ride-On Toy Car

(Image/Summit Racing)

We have just two hyphenated words: Split-window.

All the kids we talked to that drove this thing said the split-window feature did not inhibit their rear view. So. Either it’s not as big of a deal as people in the early ’60’s said OR these kids are all extremely gifted drivers for their age.

6) Chevy Bowtie T-Shirts

chevy bowtie t-shirt
(Image/Summit Racing)

Here’s the thing about this shirt. You don’t need to dress up wear a Bowtie, so this is perfect for your next wedding reception.

7) Chevy Super Service LED Backlit Sign

(Image/Summit Racing)

We think light-up signs are sneakily among the greatest things ever invented. Your favorite Chevy fan will too.

8) Chevy Neon Clock

(Image/Summit Racing)

Got the time? 10:09:58, you’ll tell them. Unless, as other clocks we’ve encountered do, the hands move, counting down the minutes until your guests leave, and you can wrench on your Nova some more.

9) Chevy Folding Chair

(Image/Summit Racing)

Fun fact: You can never have too many folding chairs. One time, this Ford guy thought he had enough, but then his friend came over and he didn’t.

Just kidding. Ford guys don’t have any friends.

(We promise we don’t actually mean any of these meanie Ford jokes. Some of us drive Fords. AND have friends. But not enough folding chairs.)

10) Genuine Chevrolet Pilsner Gift Set

(Image/Summit Racing)

Peer past the iconic Chevy Bowtie with every sip from this glass—it’ll make whatever you’re drinking taste better (probably).