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Holiday Gift Guides

Buyer’s Guide: 10 Chevy Gifts for Your Favorite Chevy Fans

OnAllCylinders is about giving gifts that speak to the heart, just so long as that heart belongs to a die-hard automotive enthusiast. But auto parts can get pricey. Shocker, we […]

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Buyer’s Guide: The ‘Hottest’ Holiday Gifts

Here in the land of OnAllCylinders—and for many others in the northern hemisphere—it’s a bit cold outside at this time of year. For those of you who, like us, are […]

Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Cool Gifts for Kids Who Like Cars

When some of us were kids, our moms and dads would buy and wrap our presents and put them under the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving dinner was fully digested. Overachievers, […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Great Gearhead Gifts Under $50

Even those with bank accounts larger than Ebenezer Scrooge’s like lower-priced gift options. And since we’re your friend, no matter how much or little fundage you have, we’ve pieced together […]

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Buyer’s Guide: “Car Guy” Gifts for Men

It’s the same thing every year. He already owns everything he wants or needs and can afford to have. That means you have to find something awesome that he doesn’t […]

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Man Cave Items to Hot Rod Your Home

Updated December 17, 2020 Ah, the man cave. Hearing the term conjures thoughts of rowdy, nacho-cheese-filled Super Bowl parties flanked by side-helpings of alcohol, dart games, walls dedicated to signed […]

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Black Friday Finds: Tools, Toys, Trinkets & More

Sure, you could camp out next to Best Buy for a chance to score Black Friday deals. You could wake up at 3 a.m. and fight traffic in your quest for the […]

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Rodder’s Home Journal: Exploring Hot Rod Gifts for Every Room of the House

You’re a car guy. Your love for hot rodding doesn’t end when you close up the garage or shop and head inside your house for the night. You bring your […]