Updated December 17, 2020

Ah, the man cave. Hearing the term conjures thoughts of rowdy, nacho-cheese-filled Super Bowl parties flanked by side-helpings of alcohol, dart games, walls dedicated to signed guitars, and various sports paraphernalia.

In reality, the man cave means different things to different men, but generally it is a room designed by a man, for men, and filled to the brim with man things — otherwise known as stuff that would be out of place in any other room of the house.

It should come as no surprise, then, that gearheads might want a gearhead-themed man cave. After all, a man cave serves as a outward representation of the hobbies and interests of the man who lives in it.

But what kind of gearhead gear should you fill it with?

Our friends at Summit Racing offer a veritable ton of options to choose from. Here are a handful of our favorites.

Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart

retro popcorn maker cart

People will love coming to your parties when they can just walk over to the popcorn cart and grab a basket anytime they want. Popcorn is good in every season. Popcorn is good for crowds. Popcorn is good for movies. Popcorn. Is. Good.

Sinclair Lighted Gas Pump Replica

sinclair gas pump

1. We like nostalgic nods to the past.

2. We like green stuff.

3. We like dinosaurs.

Sangean DDR-63 Internet Radio

Sangean DDR-63

Love music? Of course you do. And if you love music (which, you do), then you’ll love the Sangean DDR-63 Internet radio. This all-in-one music system is designed to reproduce your music from CDs, SD cards, and other sources with crystal-clear sound. We want to stop short of saying it will change your life. But we can’t lie. It will change your life.

Mr. Horsepower Laser Cut Metal Sign


He’ll always be the one guy you let smoke inside your house.

Route 66 Gear

Route 66 Sign

Every hot rodder needs some Route 66 stuff. It’s kind of one of those things that makes too much sense.

Gearhead Wall Clocks

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, but you still need to know when the game starts.

Happy shopping, everyone.