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Man Cave Items to Hot Rod Your Home

The holiday season always gets our gift-giving wheels turning.

Inevitably, while shopping for others, we stumble on stuff we want, too. Bonus.

If you’re a man, you have trouble shopping.

If you’re shopping for a man, you’re in trouble.

But here are 8 ideas for every home and budget situation that can fill your little hot-rodding hearts with joyful yuletide awesomeness.

6 Things to Make Your Man Cave More Awesome

Old Fashioned Movie Time Popcorn Cart

retro popcorn maker cart

People will love coming to your parties when they can just walk over to the popcorn cart and grab a basket anytime they want. Popcorn is good in every season. Popcorn is good for crowds. Popcorn is good for movies.

Popcorn is good.

Sinclair Lighted Gas Pump Replica

sinclair gas pump

1. We like nostalgic nods to the past.

2. We like green stuff.

3. We like dinosaurs.

Crosley Archiver LP to CD Player/Recorder

crosley archiver

Got a huge vinyl collection, or know someone who does? THIS. This, right here. Take all those old vinyl albums and turn them into CDs or digital mp3 files. We want to stop short of saying it will change your life. But we can’t lie. It’ll change your life.

Mr. Horsepower Laser Cut Metal Sign


He’ll always be the one guy you let smoke inside your house.

Route 66 Napkin Holder with Salt & Pepper Set


Every hot rodder needs some Route 66 stuff. Every sophisticated entertaining spot needs napkins as well as salt and pepper shakers. And it’s under $20.

It’s kind of one of those things that makes too much sense.

Lady Luck Embossed Tin Sign

lady luck

1. Makes us feel lucky.

2. Not risqué enough to offend women and children.

3. Makes us feel lucky.

Yeah, we meant to list that twice.

Beer O’Clock Clock

beer o clock

If you need an explanation, this one isn’t for you.

Man, we’re getting thirsty…

Happy shopping, everyone.



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