When some of us were kids, our moms and dads would buy and wrap our presents and put them under the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving dinner was fully digested.

Overachievers, our parents.

Fast-forward to today.

Even though we’re parents who grew up with moms and dads setting good examples for us regarding the holidays, maybe we’ve only acquired a super-small percentage of the gifts we intend to give our children, and have yet to wrap any of them.

Maybe you’re judging us right now.

Or. Just maybe. You’re totally the same, and would appreciate cool gift ideas for your kids or others you know.

In either case, every idea below is better than another set of winter gloves and a hat from your great Aunt Dolores.

It’s true.

12 Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love Cars


1) Mechanic’s Car Engine Play Set


Somewhere here at OnAllCylinders lives another gift guide for kids, and this engine play set is totally on it. And that’s because a few years ago this product was featured in a national publication, garnered intense attention, and has been the most popular auto-oriented kids’ toy we’ve ever seen or heard of since.

2) Stuffed Plush Toys

The stuffed toy is the bedrock of pretty much every youngster’s gift list. And if your kid prefers turbos to teddy bears, then you’re in luck—because there are plenty of automotive-themed plush toys for you to choose from here.

3) Engine Overhaul Set

The argument for this is the same as the first engine play set above, except more motorcycle-y.

4) 1963 Corvette 12V Ride-On


If you’re anything like us, you love the 1963 Chevy Corvette split-window but can’t really afford one right now because you spend all of your money on your precious children who are always so grateful for your sacrifices, and reward you with unwavering respect and expressions of gratitude.

We might have made some of that up. But not the part about loving the ’63 ‘Vette. It’s rad.

And your kids will think so too, even if they don’t say “Thank you” as much as you’d like.

5) Turbospoke, The Bicycle Exhaust System


It makes bicycles sound like motorcycles.

Hopefully, it’s obvious why that’s awesome.

6) Pedal Cars

2 girls riding in 2 nostalgic metal pedal cars
(Image/Summit Racing)

Your little ones running on leg power will appreciate the fun of tearing around the neighborhood in a classic pedal car.

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7) Board Games

Having trouble getting your kids to unplug and pull their eyes off their phone screens? A good board game is just the spark to ignite a new family game night tradition.

8) Slot Car Sets

Tired of having random toy cars and trucks rolling around your kitchen floor? Tell your kids to “take it to the track!”

The slot car track, that is.

A time-tested kid favorite, you’ve got several slot car sets to choose from, and each one offers its own mix of fun and challenges.

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9) RC Cars & Trucks

axial power wagon rc truck with controller and overlanding gear

Whether your kid wants to run a slalom course between gym shoes in the hallway or off-road through your landscaping mulch, a quality radio controlled car or truck is an always-appreciated gift. And many of them come with all the accessories you need to be ready to run, right out of the box.

Just make sure your pets are prepared to be moving obstacles.

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10) Die-Cast Collectable Toy Cars & Trucks

(Image/Summit Racing)

From super-realistic 1:18 scale reproductions of vintage classics to small toy cars that’ll race around the kitchen floor, toy cars and trucks are still the gold standard for kid’s birthday and holiday presents.

And that’s doubly true for tiny toy monster trucks, of course.

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11) Puzzles

From 1,000-piece options for the master builder to simple pop-in-place toys for toddlers, an automotive puzzle is a great way to spend some time, either alone or as a team. Better still, they don’t need batteries or a Wi-Fi connection either—just don’t get motor oil on the pieces.

12) Silver Streak Ride-On Scooter


Don’t let the name fool you. This thing doesn’t go very fast at all (unless you send it down a steep hill which we don’t advise). It’s for young children in the one to three years old range and serves as a viable first car for the future car, truck, and performance enthusiasts still waiting to discover automotive and holiday magic themselves.