In a world filled to the brim with gift cards and pre-assembled holiday baskets for coffee and tea addicts, sometimes it’s nice to get a unique gift that really says, “You. Yeah, you. I know what you’re all about.”

OnAllCylinders is all about giving gifts that speak to the heart, just so long as that heart belongs to a die-hard automotive enthusiast. Someone who lives life a quarter-mile at a time. Someone who bleeds race gas and breathes exhaust fumes. (Metaphorically. Please don’t actually breathe exhaust fumes.)

But here’s the thing: auto parts can get a bit pricey. Shocker, we know. Also, many are designed to fit specific applications and may not work with existing upgrades, which makes it difficult to just haphazardly pick out items without knowing the ins and outs of the vehicle in question.

You could simply ask the person what they need, but then you run the double risk of spoiling the surprise and getting stuck leafing through a long list of parts that don’t fall within your budget. So what do you get for a gearhead that is affordable, meaningful, and shows forethought?

We’re here to help with that.

This year, OnAllCylinders will run a series of buyer’s guides meant to point you toward gift ideas appropriate for the automotive-obsessed people in your life. In this installment, we’re covering 10 gift ideas for Ford enthusiasts.

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1) Ford Work Jacket

For the chilly Ford fanatic.

2) Ford Blue Oval Hooded Sweatshirt

For the slightly less chilly Ford fanatic.

3) Ford Fender Cover

Ford Fender Cover

Because everyone needs a fender defender.

4) Diecast Ford Car & Truck Models

Put a whole Ford fleet on your shelf to really stick it to your Bowtie and Mopar-loving pals.

5) Bent Arrow Ford Service Metal Sign

Perfect for the garage. office, or rec room, signs are always a solid gift option.

6) Model Engine Kits

(Image/Summit Racing)

An engine looks almost as good sitting on the dining room table as it does in a vehicle, according to every wife ever, probably.

7) Ford High Performance V8 T-Shirt

Ford High Performance V8 Shirt

So your Ford buddies can wear their Ford love on their literal sleeves.

8) Ford Bar Stool

Just like the ones at the old parts counter, but in your kitchen. Or garage. Or office.

9) Ford Clock

Always reads ‘Ford o’ clock.’

10) Ford Ball Cap

Decorate the ol’ cranium with the Blue Oval and a brim.

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