OnAllCylinders is about giving gifts that speak to the heart, just so long as that heart belongs to a die-hard automotive enthusiast.

But auto parts can get pricey. Shocker, we know. And many are designed for specific applications which makes it difficult to just haphazardly choose items without knowing the ins and outs of the vehicle in question.

So what do you get for a gearhead that is affordable, meaningful, and shows forethought?

We’re here to help with that.

This year, OnAllCylinders will run a series of buyer’s guides meant to point you toward gift ideas appropriate for the automotive-obsessed people in your life. In this installment, we’re covering 10 gift ideas for Mopar enthusiasts. Check them out below:

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1) Mopar Fender Covers

(Image/Summit Racing)

A trusty cold-weather (and year-round) companion for the DIY garage and driveway mechanic.

2) Mopar LED Marquee Sign

“It’s an excellent product and looks great in my garage,” says Donald in Michigan.

Yeah, it does.

3) Dodge Diecast Model Cars

With Hemi-powered originals often fetching north of $100K, you can put a mighty Mopar motor pool on your shelf for a sliver of that price.

4) Mopar T-Shirts

(Image/Summit Racing)

T-shirts might be the most can’t-miss gift there is. Combine that fact with some classic Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth imagery splashed across the front of this fine apparel, and that you’re buying it for a Mopar fan, and it’s probably going to be the most-used gift they get this year.

5) Mopar Bar Stool

(Image/Summit Racing)

If Spider-Man can use a “guy in a chair,” then all of us can. This is a premium gift for a premium Mopar enthusiast who will then back you up on your future superhero adventures.

6) Mopar Omega Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

(Image/Summit Racing)

The author of this buyer’s guide wears a hoodie almost every day.

Some of his decisions are questionable. Wearing hoodies all of the time isn’t one of them.

7) Mopar Cups, Coffee Mugs & Tumblers

Mopar Coffee Mug
(Image/Summit Racing)

Even if their vintage Imperial, Charger, or Roadrunner doesn’t have cupholders, any Mopar fan would love to sip their favorite beverage from one of these.

8) Plymouth Diecast Model Cars

(Image/Summit Racing)

Remember what we said about Dodge diecast cars? Same applies with Plymouth. Just be careful if you’re ordering a toreador red 1958 Fury.

9) Dodge/Mopar Auto Accordion Sunshade

(Image/Summit Racing)

These Dodge and Mopar sunshades are gifts that keep on giving the whole year. And also for years after that. Like a savings bond that’s already matured.

That metaphor doesn’t work. But these sunshades do.

10) Mopar Model Kits

Mopar Dodge Charger Plastic Model Kit
(Image/Summit Racing)

If your gift-getter doesn’t have the space, time, or budget to do a full restoration on their favorite Mopar, perhaps they’d like to tackle one on a smaller scale?