If you’re like us (*checks watch*), then you probably procrastinate on your holiday shopping. And that’s doubly true if you’ve got a hard-to-buy-for car nut on your gift shopping list.

That’s why you might want to hear about the Gearhead Christmas Tree—a holiday gift available exclusively from Summit Racing—because it solves both of those problems.

gearhead Christmas tree from Summit Racing
(Image/Summit Racing)

For starters, just look at this whimsical bit of holiday décor.

While we’re not arborists around here, it appears to mimic a delightful Scotch Pine sapling. On its boughs, the tree carries a magical assortment of shiny pistons, brake rotors, and turbos. And the whole thing is “planted” on an authentic-looking mud bogger truck tire.

The tree stands about 15 inchess tall and you can bend and pose the branches any way you’d like. Heck, you can add your own Christmas ornaments or some small Christmas lights on the spare branches for some nifty personalization too.

Best of all, you can plunk it on your table without worrying about getting motor oil in your figgy pudding.

So if you’re agonizing over ideas for the gearheads on your gift list, or simply want to rev-up your own holiday décor, this Gearhead Christmas Tree is a great way to do it.

…And you can only get it from Summit Racing.

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