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Behold the De Tomaso Pantera: An Italian Supercar Powered by Ford

It’s no secret that vintage Italian sports cars have a reputation for being finicky and expensive to maintain. But what if…what if…you could get a car that had a sleek, […]

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The Straight Pipes Cheap Car Challenge 1987 Ford Mustang GT: No So Cheap Any More

Jakub Wrobel has a dream job. He gets to drive new vehicles with his pal Yuri Tereshyn and post reviews on their YouTube Channel, The Straight Pipes. When they’re not […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

Ford Opens the Ford Heritage Vault, a Free Online Archive of 5,000+ Ford & Lincoln Brochures & Photos

To commemorate its 119-year anniversary, the Ford Motor Company just unloaded a trove of historical photographs, brochures, and literature from its company archives. You can see it all here in […]

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Easy Power Plays for 4.6 3V Mustangs (Part 1): A 20 Minute Meziere Electric Water Pump Upgrade & 2007-10 Cooling System Swap

Everyone loves easy power plays, especially the ones that offer noticeable returns for little effort and investment. The right tricks can even make more power to wheels without actually the […]

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Ford 331 Build: Durability & Street Power (Part 2)

Last month, we introduced you to the 331ci “Street Stealth” built by MCE Engines. The late Marvin McAfee of MCE Engines in Los Angeles was the architect and builder for […]

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Ford 331 Build: Cruising Power That Doesn’t Break the Bank (Part 1)

Looking for good reliable streetable horsepower and torque? These days, 400 horsepower and 400 lbs.-ft. of torque sounds tame when you consider the 600 to 800+ horsepower behemoths among us. […]

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“Fully Torqued” on The History Channel Vehicle Feature: 1966 Ford Mustang

We recently introduced you to the “Fully Torqued” show on The History Channel. In a nutshell, it’s about a gearhead named Steve Pazmany who starts his own hot rod shop […]

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Parts Bin: Axial’s New Ford Bronco RC Trucks Are Available Now & Ready to Run

Want to get your hands on Ford’s new Bronco but don’t have the patience (or pocketbook) for the real thing? Axial’s got you covered with incredibly detailed 1:24 scale radio […]

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Ford’s Got Some New GT Heritage Editions That Pay Tribute to the GT40’s History & 1966 Le Mans Success

While we’ve talked about the GT Heritage Editions before, Ford’s released a pair of new ones that give us plenty of reason to talk about them again. That’s because these […]

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“Fully Torqued” on The History Channel Vehicle Feature: 1974 Ford Bronco

Ever heard of the show “Fully Torqued” on The History Channel? It’s about a gearhead named Steve Pazmany who starts his own hot rod shop with his mentor Uncle ″Bird” […]