COBB Tuning’s well-earned reputation for quality grew out of the import scene that exploded in the early 2000s—particularly among the Subaru folks.

And while COBB is still cranking out high performance parts for Subarus, Porsches, VWs, and Audis, the company is also turning its tuning talents to the Blue Oval, making air intake systems specifically for Fords equipped with the 2.3L EcoBoost and 2.7L EcoBoost engines. (If you’re following along at home, that list encompasses trucks and SUVs like the Maverick, F-150, Bronco, and Bronco Sport—including the Raptor models.)

cobb tuning air intake on display

We spoke with Kirstin Backes with COBB Tuning to get some insight on a few of the truck/SUV products they had on display.

For starters, there’s a lot to like about COBB’s Redline Carbon Fiber Intake Systems, and we’re talking about the F-150 model in particular. “It was designed specifically for this application,” Kirstin tells us. “It bolts right up—because any time you’re dealing with carbon fiber, you want to avoid any flexing or forcing things into place.”

Then she alludes to the intake’s hydrocarbon trap, and that’s a really important feature nowadays in regard to emissions compliance.

cobb tuning airbox on display

Next to the F-150 intake is a COBB Tuning SF Intake and Air Box System for the Ford Bronco, and Kirstin shows off the handy removable grille panel. “It can be swapped out for a plastic window, so it can be completely sealed off if you need it to.”

We imagine that’s a pretty handy feature for the off-roading and truck crowds. In fact, if we’re brainstorming about that airbox window, it probably wouldn’t be too much trouble to fabricate a snorkel adapter for it either.

cobb tuning air intakes for ford trucks on display

And intakes are just the tip of the iceberg here, as COBB also makes parts like intercooler kits and AccessPort Computer Programmers specifically for Ford.

Kirstin also reports that COBB has some more cool stuff coming on the horizon soon. So we’re anxiously looking forward to whatever they’ve got up their sleeve—not only for Ford cars and trucks, but also upgrade parts for the other Blue Oval in COBB’s catalog.