It’s no secret that modern emissions controls are getting more and more sophisticated with every new model year. And one of the latest tools that automakers use to mitigate emissions is something called a hydrocarbon trap.

So if you’ve got a late model vehicle made in the past few years, there’s a good chance it may be fitted with some sort of hydrocarbon trap too.

The good folks at COBB Tuning know an awful lot about hydrocarbon traps and, more importantly, how to design parts like air intake kits that can improve your vehicle’s performance without impacting the role of emissions equipment. And that’s a pretty big deal, as removing or tampering with your vehicle’s hydrocarbon trap can violate your local laws and vehicle regulations.

illustration of a hydrocarbon trap in an automotive air intake
(Image/The Cobb Tuning YouTube Channel)

To help you understand what a hydrocarbon trap is and why it’s so darn important, the COBB Tuning team made this quick video. Better still, this video will help you check to see if your ride is so-equipped and give you some insights on how it works. Check it out: