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“Fully Torqued” on The History Channel Vehicle Feature: 1974 Ford Bronco

Ever heard of the show “Fully Torqued” on The History Channel? It’s about a gearhead named Steve Pazmany who starts his own hot rod shop with his mentor Uncle ″Bird” […]


Ford Broncos Complete 1-2-3 Podium Sweep in Ultra4 Stock Class at King of the Hammers Off-Road Race

Last week, we took a close look at the Proving Grounds Racing Ultra4 4400 Unlimited Class off-road racer #4415. But there are plenty of other classes in Ultra4 off-road racing—particularly […]

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The Ford Bronco Raptor is Loose: 400 HP, 13 Inches of Ground Clearance & Stock 37s

Admittedly, we kind of thought the folks at Ford were joking when they teased a Bronco Raptor last fall. Well…they weren’t. Ford just dropped the glorious details on the new […]

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Ford Just Put a 5.0L Coyote V8 into a Bronco to Create a Purpose-Built Desert Racer (& You’ll Be Able to Buy One)

Even with the Ford Bronco Raptor waiting in the wings, off-roaders have been salivating over the thought of a V8-powered Bronco. And Ford just obliged. Officially called the Ford Bronco […]

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Parts Bin: Axial’s New Ford Bronco RC Trucks are Cool, Affordable Substitutes for the Real Thing

It’s no secret that Ford’s first-gen Bronco is one of the hottest vehicles on the vintage and collector’s market right now—which means prices of these early Broncos have officially reached […]

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Confirmed: There Will be a Ford Bronco Raptor Coming in 2022

In a move that will surprise absolutely nobody, Ford just officially revealed plans for a Raptor version of the company’s reborn Bronco off-roader. We joke that the news is not […]

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Ford Unveils 3 Bronco Race Trucks to Compete in the King of the Hammers Off-Road Race

For off-road racing fans, the annual King of the Hammers competition is a really big deal. Taking place in Johnson Valley, California, it’s a weeklong festival of off-roading that attracts […]

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Ford Delays 2021 Bronco Release

Late last week, Ford announced that it will delay the release of the much-anticipated Ford Bronco two-door and four-door SUVs. According to Ford, the Bronco’s release will now happen closer […]

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Ford Unveils All-New 2021 Bronco, Bronco Sport

After all the speculation, hype, and anticipation, the legend is finally back. No, we’re not talking about the second coming of Surge, the citrusy soft drink of the late 90s […]

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Parts Bin: Ford Bronco Restoration Parts from United Pacific

From time to time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Check out […]