Whether heading down the trail or tarmac, nothing quite compares to an open-top off-roader like a Jeep Wrangler or Ford Bronco.

But one of the few disadvantages of going topless is that you’ve got to keep your gear stowed and secure—away from Mother Nature, highway wind, and prying eyes.

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That’s why you may want to check out Tuffy Security Products. It makes a wide range of locking storage solutions for Jeeps, SUVs, and Trucks.

Tuffy has options for every Jeep Wrangler generation, Gladiators, and the CJ, along with the Ford Bronco—including the early ones. You can also find storage boxes for most popular domestic truck models too.

Tuffy storage boxes are specifically designed for the vehicle, making sure to integrate into the contours of the interior and maximize usable space. And they’re made from thick, powdercoated steel with stout locks and latches to thwart any nefarious attempts to reach what’s inside.

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Tuffy makes storage lockers that’ll slide under the seats, fit in your center console, lay across the rear cargo compartment, secure your glove box, and even hang overhead (which is really handy for keeping CB radios and other off-road essentials close at hand).

Speaking of CB radios, many of these storage boxes incorporate mounting points for mobile radios, stereos, and speakers—which is undoubtedly helpful for adding some tunes to an old Jeep CJ or first-gen Ford Bronco.

(Image/Tuff Security Products)

So if you’re popping the top on your off-roader, and are a tad nervous about leaving your gear unsecured in a parking lot, Tuffy Security Products can help ease some of that stress.

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