The brakes feel squishy, and that’s rarely good. Uh-oh. That usually means there’s air trapped in the lines.

It also means it’s time to bleed the brakes. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t require someone else’s help and more time than we want to spend.

But brake bleeding isn’t what it used to be. Innovative brake bleeder kits from a variety of aftermarket manufacturers offer solutions which make a historically long and messy job, much shorter and much cleaner.

Among the leaders in brake bleeder kit innovation is Phoenix Systems. In today’s video, Stacey David is going to show you how to effectively bleed your brakes using one of the Phoenix Systems brake bleeder kits.

In the past, you needed a helper to press down on the brake pedal while opening and closing the bleed screws at the wheels and trying to work all of the air out of the lines. Physics was always an obstacle because air likes to rise.

What the Phoenix kit does is force fluid in at the brake caliper or slave cylinder, which then pushes all of the air up and out of the master cylinder reservoir.

In the video, David says it best: “[These kits] will make your life a whole lot easier, which is what a good tool is supposed to do.”

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