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NHRA Wrap-Up: Force, Hagan, Enders & Johnson Win in Houston’s Final NHRA SpringNationals

It was a bittersweet moment for NHRA fans in Texas. While the 2022 SpringNationals was great event, it also marked the final NHRA race at the historic Houston Raceway Park. […]

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Picture Perfect: Terry Cook’s 1955 Chevy Bel Air

The most valuable asset for any vehicle project is clarity of vision. Once you understand everything about the final product, it’s easier to figure out the steps required to achieve […]

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Orientation Session: Your Fuel Filter’s Position May Impact How Your Engine & Carburetor Perform

Older cars and trucks are often packed with ingeniously simple solutions to potentially big problems. And we got reminded of that recently when it was time to replace the fuel […]

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Parts Bin: Axial’s New Ford Bronco RC Trucks Are Available Now & Ready to Run

Want to get your hands on Ford’s new Bronco but don’t have the patience (or pocketbook) for the real thing? Axial’s got you covered with incredibly detailed 1:24 scale radio […]

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Fully Primed: Not All Electric Fuel Pumps Are Created Equal

Electric fuel pumps are, for the most part, standard equipment in drag racing. Ditto with fuel injected applications. But a lot of carbureted street cars use them too. Fair enough, […]

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Almost Done—We Promise! Readers Tell Us About Their Works-in-Progress (And We Picked Some Favorites)

While driving a finished vehicle is a worthwhile, rewarding experience, most gearheads will tell you that the “Project Car” phase can be just as fun. The Summit Racing folks agree, […]

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Monte Makeover (Part 9): The Quest for Good Steering

Editor’s Note: Perhaps the only things Travis Jones loves more than his 1986 Monte Carlo SS are autocross courses and a good challenge. That’s why Travis is on a mission to transform his […]

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Video: Benefits of Upgrading to Tubular Control Arms—Are They Worth It?

When you really start diving into suspension upgrades, you’ll likely find a lot of folks talking about tubular control arms. That’s because an aftermarket set of control arms can offer […]

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The Crystal Ball: 10 Automotive Aftermarket Trends on the Horizon

In honor of the 10th anniversary of OnAllCylinders, we’re asking some of our regular contributors to write a few stories on the automotive industry. First up is Wayne Scraba and […]

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What is a Wheel Bearing & How Can You Tell if Yours is Going Bad?

A wheel bearing has a real simple job: It makes sure that your wheel spins freely, without any binding or vibration. A wheel bearing’s goal is to mitigate the effects […]