Exhaust fabrication, you either love it or you…don’t. If you’re in that latter half, then you might want to hear about Summit Racing Collector Mufflers.

They bolt up to any three-bolt header collector flange and have a three inch inlet diameter. The built-in muffler exits in three inch tubing too.

The outlet tubing even features a turnout, so you can use them alone as quick exhaust dump on your prewar hotrod or street machine. There’s plenty of room to cut the bend off if you want to clamp/weld on straight tubing to the rear of your vehicle as well.

Fabbing-up an exhaust system from scratch? You might appreciate Summit Racing’s Formed Transition Tubes too.

The whole assembly is about 32 inches long and there’s a handy mounting bracket installed on the backside (away from the turnout) of the muffler body. Summit Racing collector mufflers come in either black coated steel or 304 stainless steel finishes.

On the back, these collector mufflers have an integrated mounting bracket. The three-bolt collector mounting flange is obviously included as well—they come ready to bolt right up to your headers. (Image/Summit Racing)

All told, these collector mufflers can give you a good jumpstart on your custom exhaust design and installation—at a price that makes them a really attractive alternative to tedious fabrication work.

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