By its very nature, the gearhead world is one of customization. And while that’s usually a good thing, it can present its fair share of headaches.

For example, say you’re fabbing up a custom intake, forced induction, of exhaust setup for an engine swap or hot rod project. There’s a good chance you’ll have to jump between tubing diameters to make everything connect together—which means you could be stuck with the tedious, time-sucking job of making adapters.

If that sounds familiar, then you’ll probably like Summit Racing’s line of Formed Transition Tubes.

Summit Racing Formed Transition Tube adapters offer a smooth transition, without any unnecessary angles, kinks, or welds that could impact airflow velocity through the tubing system. (Image/Summit Racing)

Made from either 304 stainless steel or 6061 aluminum, these short, three inch long tubing sections help you quickly transition to/from larger or smaller diameter tubing, saving you a ton of metal work and fabrication time.

In other words, these Summit Racing Formed Transition Tubes are a hassle-free solution for switching between common tubing sizes for, say, a turbocharger or supercharger retrofit, engine swap, or custom exhaust—basically, anywhere you need a reliable, smooth tubing transition that won’t unnecessarily compromise flow. Check out some of the sizing options available below.

Summit Racing Formed Transition Tube Adapter Sizes