Way back in 2013, the OnAllCylinders folks reached out to its extended staff with one simple question:

What Car Would You Like Santa to Bring You for Christmas?

You can see the results from that original 2013 question here. But now, with more names on our staff roster, we’re winding down the OnAllCylinders 10th Anniversary celebration by asking that same question again. See the responses below, and if you’d like to contribute some of your “Santa’s Wish List Rides” too, let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


Brian Nutter – Contributing Writer – 2023 Corvette Z06


“I’m a Vette guy because it’s a good all-arounder with tons of parts available to mod them. I’m plenty happy with my 427 Cid 2002 C5 Z06, but the new C8 Z06 will be the last of its kind and I’m definitely going to get one at some point! 

…Aaaaand I just spent way too much time on the configurator…”

Brian Nutter


Patrick Miller – Videographer – 1967 Mercury Cougar

(Image/OnAllCylinders – Patrick Miller)

“My dad had a blue one with a 289 engine and 3-speed automatic. My brothers (10 and 7 years older than me) had the privilege of enjoying this Motortrend car of the year. Alas, the car was retired by the time I turned 16. 

The unique identifiers that I particularly like are the hidden headlights and the sequential taillights. The ’67 is on the top of my list, but any first-gen version of the Cougar would suffice. Likewise, the XR7 version would be cool as well.”

Patrick Miller


James Millar – Contributing Writer – Lotus Super Seven


As a child, I loved unwrapping a new car model kit on Christmas morning. I don’t think I’ve changed a lot since then. Santa if you’re listening, please put a Super Seven—in the “tax avoiding” kit form, of course—under my Christmas tree! 

James Millar


Bob Ball – SEO/Site Admin Team – 1985 Toyota Truck


The first vehicle that I can remember my Dad having was a 1979/1980 Toyota truck (that banana-yellow color). Not long after that, the “Back to the Future” movie came out that featured an awesome 1985 Toyota Hilux 4×4. I always thought that, if I could, I would get one of those 1985 Toyotas and restore it—or modify an early Tacoma. Fast forward to this past summer and my Son bought his first vehicle: a 2011 Toyota Tacoma Quad Cab Pre-Runner. So I’m helping him update and customize it.

Bob Ball


David Fuller – Managing Editor – 1972 Pontiac Trans Am

white pontiac trans am second generation at a classic car show
(Image/OnAllCylinders – Nicole Kunar)

“Remember when you were a teenager, and your mom would say you were “going through a phase?”

Turns out, I never stopped going through phases—at least as it pertains to cars. Except for, instead of replacing one phase of car taste with another, I just keep adding to the list of vehicles that catch my interest.

So what’s a guy to do?

For this year—the year I turned the big 5-0—I’ve decided to add a car from my birth year to the Christmas list. Put me down for a 1972 Pontiac Trans Am. Was it the most powerful car of that year? No. Am I shooting for the moon with this choice? Not really. But it definitely was one of the coolest rides of my birth year and is a better option to the Corvette or Mazda Miata for launching my midlife crisis.

And maybe, just maybe I’ll revisit my mustache phase to complete the entire look.”

David Fuller


Wayne Scraba – Contributing Writer – 1970 Chevy Nova

(Image/Wayne Scraba)

“Way back when I said all I wanted as a Christmas dream car was a 1967 L88 Corvette (with a Hemi Dart as an alternative). Well, Santa hasn’t been able to deliver. I suspect rarity and cost might be at play here! Instead, I’ll revert to my other dream car: A plane Jane no-option 1970 Nova. It’s immensely more affordable, but best of all, I already have one in the garage!”

Wayne Scraba


Will Schertz – Staff Writer – Gen. 3 Dodge Viper SRT-10

(Image/Dodge – Stellantis)

“Gran Turismo 4 did an incredible job of (falsely) inflating my sense of skill—both as a gamer and a driver—and I owe much of that to the incredible in-game performance of the 2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R concept vehicle. Only a few short years after Oreca’s original Viper GTS-R race car was busy dominating GT motorsports events across Europe and North America, I was busy feeding my pride on a hefty helping of simulated competitors in a virtual space.

I received Gran Turismo 4 for Christmas, so the vehicle I raced most often in the game feels like a fitting follow-up gift from Santa. But I’m not unreasonable. I recognize that delivering a one-of-a-kind concept to my driveway might be a tall order, which is why I’d happily settle for the Gen. 3 Viper SRT-10 that shares its DNA.”

Will Schertz


Christopher Campbell – Contributing Writer – 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

(Image/Christopher Campbell)

This year I’m asking Santa for the car I’ve wanted since I was in elementary school: a 1967 fastback Mustang, preferably in Highland Green.

Yes, I know the famous Highland Green “Bullitt” Mustang was a 1968, but I don’t want a movie car clone. A white 4-speed ’67 GT with the gorgeous one-year-only brushed aluminum deluxe interior was almost my first car and, over the years, I’ve just built an amalgamation in my mind of what my dream fastback should be.

On the exterior, it should be very original and stock looking, very much like the one pictured, but behind the sheetmetal would be aggressive suspension and brakes and a race prepped and 8,000 rpm capable Boss 302 Roadrunner engine backed by a Tremec 6-speed. The interior would be stock black deluxe, but with more aggressively bolstered front seats to hold me in place while enjoying the drive.

Christopher Campbell


Nicole Kunar – Social Media – Aston Martin Vantage

rear view of a yellow aston martin vantage

“Specifically one in either the iconic Aston Martin British Racing Green or Tayos Turquoise.

Once I saw James Bond driving a DB5 in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball,” it sparked my interest for fast cars. It also has over a century of sports car heritage behind it and it marries luxury and sport perfectly in one car. “

Nicole Kunar


Dave Matthews – Contributing Writer – 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt Tribute

(Image/OnAllCylinders – Katie Rockman)

We all have that one car that inspired us to the sport. When we find that car, merely opening the door and sitting behind the wheel can diminish the troubled world around us and bring us back to better times, cherished memories of loved ones, or even just a little fix of adrenaline as the engine comes to life. Now that’s the best Christmas cheer of all!

Back in the day, when I was drag racing at the now-deceased SpeedWorld dragstrip in Wickenburg, AZ, there was a racer with a Thunderbolt clone that I loved to watch race down that track. It was a high-winding manual car that used to leave hard and sounded terrific. Inspired by the car, I made a teardrop hood for my now long-gone 1988 T-Bird race car, but as good as it looked, it was never a Fairlane.

Santa, I know locating a genuine Thunderbolt might be a little challenging, so I am willing to settle for a nice clone if this helps get a Wimbledon white, high-winding 427, 4-speed under the tree (or in the garage) for Christmas.

Dave Matthews


Paul Sakalas – Staff Writer – Early Porsche 911

1964 porsche 901 coupe

“While I’d still like a Crosley Hotshot, a close second would be an O.G. air-cooled Porsche 911. I drove one decades ago, and I still recall the experience: You feel every bump in the road, but in a good, connected driving kind of way. Snappy handling, a terrific exhaust note, and a time-proven engine—on Donder, on Blitzen!”

Paul Sakalas


Derek Manke – Contributing Writer – Subaru GL Wagon

hoonigan subaru gl wagon huckster

“For the past ten years, I have coveted the 2011 Ford Fiesta used in Hoonigan’s Gymkhana videos. However, with the release of Gymkhana 2022, this child of the 1980s has a new obsession: the 1983 Subaru GL wagon they call “The Family Huckster.” The 865 hp boxer and active aero flaps may not that much use driving around Akron, Ohio but it would be nice to know that, if I had to jump over a helicopter, I could”.

Derek Manke


So, what ride would you like Santa to stuff under your tree? Let us know in the comments—and Merry Christmas from your friends at OnAllCylinders!