When we wake up Christmas morning, we expect to find all kinds of gifts under the tree and jutting from our stockings.

However, we’re pretty sure we’re not going to find what we really want for Christmas.

But that won’t stop us from wishing anyway…

The OnAllCylinders Staff Christmas Wish List

Sean Cutright

Audi R8

audi r8 coupe, black

“For the combination of awesome and practicality, I want an Audi R8. It has speed and great looks, and it’s not so expensive that it breaks the bank to change the oil or rotate the tires. Plus, friggin’ Iron Man has one!

“The super car I’d have to take is a McLaren (P1 or F1). It’s one of the finest machines on the planet—ever. Performance and looks to kill. And, worst case scenario, you can sell it and pay for the rest of your life… or a lot of classic cars that will continue going up in value (but might not be quite as comfortable in the cabin).”


Al DiVencenzo

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, “Eleanor”

1968 Ford Mustang Eleanor tribute
(Image/Todd Kaminski – Maguire Photo)

“Because that car is unattainable. While I would definitely enjoy the styling, I obviously would have to make it my own with a blue and white paint scheme.

“To continue with the customization, I think a new Boss 302 Coyote engine is ideal. Mix some of the old car with new styling and power, and as an added bonus, there are a lot of upgrades from tuning, pulleys, to superchargers that can be applied to the Mod Engine. To put the power to the ground I would have to have some big fat tires on a nice pair of wheels, I like the classic look of the Cragar SS, but again, I don’t want to have what everyone else has, so a nice pair of the Cragar Eliminators will do.”


David Fuller

1970 HEMI ‘Cuda convertible

orange red 1970 plymouth convertible barracuda
(Image/OnAllCylinders – Will Schertz)

“My Christmas wish? How about some warmer weather?

“Since Santa won’t be placing sand and palm trees under the old Christmas tree any time soon, I’ll have to settle for dreaming about warm-weather driving. I’m thinking about a nice convertible here. OK, I’m thinking about a Holy Grail convertible: the 1970 HEMI ‘Cuda ragtop.

“The HEMI ‘Cuda is one of the most sought-after muscle cars in history. A rare combination of great looks, HEMI power, and scarcity puts the 1970 HEMI ‘Cuda convertible at the top of my wish list. And with 425 horsepower under the hood, I fully expect to land on Santa’s naughty list next year.”


Matt Griswold

“I’m picking two cars. For several reasons:

  1. I’m greedy
  2. I’m indecisive.
  3. I love classic looks AND modern performance.
  4. This is CHRISTMAS MAGIC we’re talking about here. I could probably squeeze another car or two out of the big man in the sleigh. But I’ll stick with just two because I am attempting to fake being unselfish so you’ll think I’m a good person.

“All I want for Christmas is… “

1959 Chevrolet Impala Ragtop

a red 1959 chevy impala convertible

“This car would help me get dates. Deep down, isn’t that all we really want?”


Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray Z06

Chevy Corvette Stingray C7 supercharged Z06

“This car would help me feel better about my life, drive REALLY fast, AND get dates. Like a Christmas miracle. This thing is even better than myrrh.”


Sierra Guterba

1950s-1960s Harley-Davidson (preferably an ironhead, shovelhead, or panhead)

1952 harley davidson hummer motorcycle

“My dream Christmas ride would be either a ’67 or ’69 Ironhead or Shovelhead Harley-Davidson. Essentially, I would want a project bike, something that has a good frame and working motor. Just the basics because I want to put together my own custom bobber. I want to be able to handpick some of the parts that really give the bike character, like the seat, gas tank, pipes, handlebars, etc. I want to put it together myself, so that I can photo document what I started with, all the way to the finished product, which would be everything I wanted it to be. My dream bike would be low riding, with a spring seat and a wicked custom paint job. Picture a bright purple metal flake with some awesome pattern(s) on the tank. Lace, floral, paisley, scales just to name a few of my favorites. It’s hard to say what lots of other details would be at the moment, but it’s one of those things that would come together piece by piece!”


Scott Lazarus

A very fast dragster

(Image/Scott Lazarus)

“Mine is easy. I have two.

“I have wanted a Cobra since I was 13 or so…” (and Scott built a brand-new Factory Five Mk4 Roadster this year to fulfill that childhood dream.)

“BUT, this is the be-all, end-all for me.”


Lori Sams

First-Gen Mercury Cougar

1970 mercury cougar xr7 front quarter shot

“Actually, I want this one in particular.

“I saw this car at Barrett-Jackson and loved it. It mixes old-school styling with new-school power. And it’s a drop top. Please Santa, bring me this gorgeous Cougar!!

“And in a few years I can be a cougar riding in a Cougar!!”


Alan Rebescher

Sunbeam Tiger V8

green sunbeam tiger at a vintage car show

“A car that’s paid for.

“Not comfortable with the truth? OK, try this:

“This minute, it would probably be a Sunbeam Tiger. Classic British sports car looks coupled with American horsepower and reliability is an awesome combination this side of a Cobra. Heck, it made Maxwell Smart look good.”


Dan Sanchez

2013 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1


“While I’ve been lucky to build and still own a couple of the cars on my wish list, the one I’d really love to wake up to on Christmas morning with a bow on it would have to be the 2013 Corvette ZR1. I used to race Corvettes in SCCA Showroom Stock, before they moved them into the Corvette Challenge. The new ZR1 is one of the most technologically advanced cars out there with the power to keep up or surpass many of the exotics.”


Paul Sakalas

1951 Crosley Hotshot Super Sports

crosley hot shot super sports front driver side

“The first modern American Sports Car wasn’t the Corvette, it was the Crosley Hotshot.

“Why I want one? It combines three of my favorite things: Cincinnati, Radio, and Old Cars. Oh, and it may be the only car on this list that might actually fit down a chimney.

“Santa please, get me a Crosley for Christmas.”

We gave this model an entire feature article, check it out here: Meet the Crosley Hotshot: America’s First Postwar Sports Car


Wayne Scraba

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88

1967 corvette c2 sting ray 427 with stinger hood, blue on white
(Image/OnAllCylinders – Jeff Lee)

“Dear Santa:

“The answer to the question is easy-peasy:  A 1967 L88 Corvette. I’d take one in a heartbeat because they were brutes—unsophisticated, uncomplicated cars that relied upon pure horsepower and little else to get the job done.

“Simplicity is something I long for in cars. The simpler the better. And 1967 L88’s were simple: No heater. No radio.  No power options aside from power brakes. No rad shroud. Not even a PCV valve (they used a road draft tube)! That means I have less stuff to worry about and I can concentrate on what’s important to me: Going fast! Of course, simple cars are also simple to work on. Pass the 9/16 wrench please.

“But there’s more to the equation: I really like the way you sit in a midyear Corvette (seriously—it’s something people should really contemplate when buying or building cars). Using a first-gen C1 Corvette as the example, you tend to sit “on” the car, not in it and you’re cramped. It’s certainly not a comfortable car. The midyear C2 Corvettes (1963-67) cured that, and unlike the C3 cars where you sort of laid back to drive them, the ’67 offered a more upright driving position. Basically, for me the steering wheel-pedal-shifter relationship in a midyear is pretty much nailed down. For me at least, this stuff is critical when you’re grabbing gears.

“When an L88 fires up in a crowd, people stop in their tracks and take notice. They have a distinctive rumble that permeates the soul. I’m sure an L88 can rotate the earth. And I pine for one. But even Santa would have to struggle to (a) find a real one and (b) afford one. Chevy only made 20 of them and the last one that sold brought a staggering price of (are you sitting down?) $3.2 million.

“And BTW Santa: If you can’t swing the L88, a 1968 Hemi Dart will do just fine!”

All of us here at OnAllCylinders have just one more wish.

And that is that you and everyone you love have a very safe, very fun, and very joyful holiday season.

What car would you like to wake up to on Christmas morning? We’d love to hear, so tell us below!