Articles written by: Christopher Campbell

Christopher Campbell has been heavily involved in the automotive world since he began building his first car, a 1967 Ford Ranchero, with his dad at the age of 14. That started a lifelong passion with custom hot rods and muscle cars. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, he went to work for HOT ROD magazine as Associate Editor. From there he became Technical Editor at Popular Hot Rodding magazine. Currently he creates freelance content for OnAllCylinders as well as many diverse enthusiast magazine titles such as HOT ROD, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, Mopar Muscle, Super Chevy, Mustang Monthly, and 8-Lug.

Cooling / Tech Articles

Easy Power Plays for 4.6 3V Mustangs (Part 1): A 20 Minute Meziere Electric Water Pump Upgrade & 2007-10 Cooling System Swap

Everyone loves easy power plays, especially the ones that offer noticeable returns for little effort and investment. The right tricks can even make more power to wheels without actually the […]

How Tos / Ignition & Electrical / Tech

How to Change the Timing Assembly on a Ford 4.6L 3V

Ford’s 4.6 3V, typically just referred to as a “3V” in the Mustang community, is a bit of an oddball in the modular engine family and definitely has its pros […]

1968 Ford Mustang engine swap
Engine & Exhaust / Tech Articles

Member of the Family (Part 2): Installing Our Ford 408 Windsor in a ’68 Mustang

In the first installment of our ’68 Mustang project build, we detailed the pre-install prep on our 408 cubic-inch Windsor from BluePrint Engines that would replace the original 289. Now […]

Tech / Tech Projects

Surefooted Steed: Adding a RideTech Coilover Suspension System to Our ’68 Mustang

  In the real world, sometimes life and unforeseen issues cause a project to get off course and backburnered for a bit. It’s probably happened to you, and it happened […]

How Tos / Tech

Single Part Number 5-Speed Swap: Summit Racing Simplifies Swapping a Modern Manual into Classic Mustangs

In our first installment of our ’68 Mustang rejuvenation project, we prepped our Blueprint 408 Windsor to be dropped in and replace the tired original 289. Since then, we did […]

Tech / Tech Projects

Member of the Family (Part 1): We Build a Ford 408 Windsor for an Old Family Friend

When it comes to friendships, there’s not much that people value higher than loyalty and steadfastness. You know, that type of friend that you can always count on to be […]

Product Installs / Tech

Powerful Sound with No Drone! Bolting On Ford Racing’s FR500 Mufflers For ’05-’09 Mustang GT and GT500

There’s a common checklist of parts and upgrades that every late model Mustang enthusiast wants to get for their car, and right at the top is almost always a good […]