(Image/Summit Racing)

Thinking about building a custom turbocharger system for your engine? Well, in addition to offering its own wastegates, blowoff valves, and the turbos themselves, Summit Racing’s now making hot-side tubing fabrication kits that’ll make your turbo retrofit a bit easier.

As the name implies, these tubing kits are for the “hot side” of the turbo. In other words, the part that channels exhaust gasses up from the manifold and through the turbo housing. Suffice it to say, it’s an incredibly important facet of any turbocharged setup and one you’ll want to get right the first time.

That’s why these kits are so darn handy. Instead of bending and fabricating all that exhaust tubing yourself, a typical kit from Summit Racing includes a few sections of pre-bent tubing, along with a flange, bung, and fitting. You simply mock up your custom setup, measure twice, cut once, and weld it all together.

Depending on the kit you choose, you’ll get most of the bungs, fittings, brackets, and flanges you need to finish your fab job. (Image/Summit Racing)

The kits use 2.5 inch OD 304 stainless steel tubing, and are available with common T4 or T6 turbo flanges. Plan on running a twin turbo setup? You’re covered there too. Check out your options:

Summit Racing says these kits are intended for folks with some advanced welding and fabrication skills, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before assembling one of these kits.