OK, so yesterday we ran a retrospective on 15 of the major automotive news stories of the past year.

Now on New Years Day, we’re loosening our collars a bit and simply selecting our “favorite” OnAllCylinders articles that ran during 2021.

From engine builds to reader features, these articles were fun to research, fun to write, and (we hope) even more fun to read.

We’ll give you a quick summary of each post below, but you can click on the link in the headline to read the whole thing. And if you think we missed a cool story here, let us know in the comments.

15 of Our Favorite OnAllCylinders Articles from 2021

*** 1 ***

(Image/George Lyons)

January 7 – George Lyons & His Custom Corvette Sting Ray

Tastefully modified in the style of a 1970s-era hot rod, George Lyons even stuffed a period-correct LT1 under the hood. Oh, and it has a functional trailer hitch designed to pull his 1965 Donzi Sporter.

*** 2 ***

February 1 – Mopar Gen. III Hemi Spec Guides

OnAllCylinders contributor Jeff Smith spent half his year compiling data on Mopar’s lineup of Gen. III Hemi engines, including bore, stroke, compression, and cam specs. The first one (5.7L) ran in February, to the delight of Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler owners.

*** 3 ***

(Image/Jeff Smith)

February 24 – How to Read a Cam Card

Jeff Smith is back and doesn’t skimp on the details when he shows you exactly how to read a cam card—and you’ll also learn what all those numbers and camshaft specs mean.

*** 4 ***

March 1 – NHRA Crewman Dallas Glenn Gets His Shot at Pro Stock

When Will Schertz sat down to talk with rookie Pro Stock driver Dallas Glenn way back in March, no one could imagine the incredible season he’d have.

*** 5 ***


April 21 – 1962 Lincoln Mercury Mustang Concept Photos

Ford dang-near broke the internet when it released a trove of early Mustang concept photos from a design competition between the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury divisions.

*** 6 ***

May 6 – Hardcore Horsepower’s 781 hp Big Block Chevy 540

Mike Petralia walks you through how to build a high-horsepower BBC that doesn’t need to rev to the stratosphere and is still easy to live with on the street.

*** 7 ***

(Image/OnAllCylinders & Mike M. via Facebook)

June 4 – Gearheads Share Their Most Painful Garage Lessons

We asked you to tell us about some of your more valuable learning experiences—and you delivered with some funny, some clever, and some downright terrifying responses.

*** 8 ***

June 25 – 5 Cars That Should Play Christine in the Movie Remake

When we heard Christine could be heading back to theatres, we brainstormed some possible alternatives to the 1958 Plymouth Fury. (Folks had some strong opinions on this one.)

*** 9 ***


July 22 – Behold the Cosworth Vega

We honestly had no idea how many Chevy Vega fans were out there. But our proverbial switchboard lit up when we ran this story on an oft-overlooked classic.

*** 10 ***

August 27 – Rebuilding a REAL Ford 427 Side Oiler Cobra Engine

Working on a legit Ford 427 side oiler is like doing touch-up on the Mona Lisa. But Jim Smart and his pals were up to the task. Follow along as they restore the Cobra’s glory.

*** 11 ***

September 3 – 422 Cubes of Small Block Thunder

What does it take to get 700 horsepower out of a small block Chevy? Let expert engine builder Mike Mavrigian show you in this three-part series.

*** 12 ***

(Image/Richard Holdener)

September 17 – Junkyard Boost! Supercharged 3800 V6 Mods

Richard Holdener isn’t strictly a V8 guy—check out this wild GM 3800 build that ends with both a supercharger AND turbocharger!

*** 13 ***

October 28 – What We Got Right About the Corvette Z06 & LT2

Shortly after the release of the new Z06, OnAllCylinders’ Brian Nutter revisited his 2019 article that speculated on what the C8 Corvette would bring us. He had some hits and misses here.

*** 14 ***

November 10 – 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips

Pore over knowledge that only decades of hot rodding will create. Wayne Scraba opens up his top secret engine building diary to give you some valuable tips and tricks.

*** 15 ***

(Image: Fist Imperial Off the Line by John Lloyd | CC by 2.0)

December 12 – Frank Sinatra’s Special Edition Imperial

Maybe we all heard “I Love Those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells!” one too many times this season, but this article on Old Blue Eyes was a hit with many of our readers.


Agree with our picks? Got any other faves from this year you’d like to mention? Drop us a line in the comments sectionand Happy New Year OnAllCylinders Readers!

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