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Mike Petralia is a veteran engine and car builder, and long-time contributor to automotive publications. After joining Horsepower TV in 2006, he opened Hardcore Horsepower LLC, building cars and engines for magazines and customers.

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Ultra Engine: Hardcore Horsepower’s 781 Horsepower Big Block Chevy 540

In the past, you’ve had to rev an engine pretty high to make serious power. But the latest cylinder heads and cam designs have allowed us to bring the RPM […]

Brakes & Suspension / Tech Articles

Installing a Hotchkis Sport Suspension Kit on a 1981 Chevy Camaro

In the high-performance world, nothing ever remains stock. That makes it difficult for aftermarket companies to design parts and kits that are true, easy bolt-ons for every car—where literally nothing […]

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How to Set Up Dual Carburetor Linkage (with Images)

We’ve built and tuned so many supercharged engines over the years, we’ve lost count. And every time we build a Roots-blown engine, the thing we least look forward to is […]