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Engine Building 101: How to Install Torque Angle Bolts (Video)

Torque angle bolts require a unique tightening process.

The torque angle method is a more precise way of torquing a standard fastener to a predetermined tension. When using this method, the bolts are torqued to a minimal specification, say 20 foot-pounds and then tightened a further specified number of degrees, say 90 degrees.

This process tends to cause each fastener to create an equal clamping pressure, regardless of any imperfections on the threads that would affect torque readings. With this method, the right tools can make all the difference.

In today’s video, our friends and partners at Summit Racing will show you how to use an ACDelco torque wrench — ADT-ARM303-4A340 — to make the job easier. We’ll also outline the steps for fastening torque angle bolts, using a Summit Racing LS engine as an example.

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  2. Mike Brown says:

    The digital torque/angle wrenches are SO much nicer than using one of those angle gauges that we used to struggle with! I have both 3/8″ and 1/2″ digital wrenches (not the brand shown here) and absolutely LOVE them!

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