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Panning for Power: Wet Sump Oil Pan Innovation

In drag racing, the most common oiling systems are wet sump arrangements. Virtually every Stocker and Super Stocker uses one, and so do plenty of Super Class cars and Competition […]

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Rod Bolt Stretch Gauges: The Right Tools for Measuring Bolt Stretch

Today, torquing certain fasteners (particularly connecting rod bolts/nuts) is far different than it once was. The level of sophistication has increased (dramatically) from simply using a torque wrench, tightening to […]

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Building Blocks: 10 Often-Overlooked Small (Yet Important!) Parts You Need to Finish Your Engine Assembly

For anyone building an engine in a small town, the pain of finding all of the little pieces necessary to assemble the thing can be considerable—and we’re not talking about […]

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12 Performance Tech Tips

Recently, we ran a story on 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips. And before that, we put together a list of 12 Things to Make Your Vehicle Easier to Work On. […]

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The Little Stuff Matters: 24 Overlooked Engine Building Tips

There are a lot of ways to build an engine. Some are quick and dirty, get the job done affairs. Others are over-the-top meticulous, leave no rock unturned such as […]

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422 Cubes of Small Block Thunder, Part 2: Oiling System, Valvetrain & Induction

In Part One of our 700 horsepower small block Chevy build, Mr. Mavrigian got into prep of the Dart SHP block and Scat/Icon rotating assembly as well as installing the […]

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422 Cubes of Small Block Thunder: Building a 700+ Horsepower Small Block Chevy (Part 1)

Even though it’s a GM LS world, the Gen 1 small block Chevy remains a popular choice for many builders. We’re going to show you how to build a 422 […]

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Build a Better Boss (302 Ford, That Is)

Ford’s incredible 1969-70 Trans Am BOSS 302. Not the 2012-13 Coyote DOHC BOSS, but instead the genuine pushrod original from an era when Ford did the unthinkable repeatedly—and won! Ford’s […]

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Bearing Down: Engine Crankshaft & Cam Bearing Basics

It should be no secret to anyone reading this that bearings are used for the camshaft along with the crankshaft main and rod journals in an automotive application. While some […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Building Blocks for a Big Block Chevy

I am tackling a 1969 Corvette. The 390 HP L36 427 was rebuilt but now needs to go to a 0.060-inch overbore. My buddy and I have been considering building a 454 […]