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Video: Introduction to FST Performance Carburetors – FST Billet Carbs & FST RT-X Carbs

FST Performance Carburetors makes different cast and billet carbs for various performance applications, and in today’s video, Ken from FST is going to talk through three popular FST product lines and, and explain the differences between each carburetor.

The FST billet carbs include:

FST’s cast carb is the:

The FST carb reviews by verified customers on are all five-star reviews, though there are currently just three.

One reviewer, Mike from North Carolina, said that swapping the 1,050 cfm carb on his 468 c.i.d. big block with an FST Billet X-treme Pro Series resulted in the engine making 12 extra horsepower and improved idle quality.

Check out the video for more on each of these product lines, and then you can see the FST gang install and tune a Billet Xtreme carb in a 1969 Chevelle.

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